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If for some reason this letter isn't tl;dr enough, feel free to check out my Chocolate Box/Yuletide/Darkest Night/Rare Pair Fest letters! I really babble on with these prompts, but I promise it's not an indicator of what I ~really~ want the most, it's just an indicator of me being a dipshit. I'm requesting fic in this exchange (mostly because I have no idea how to really prompt art) but I love both fic and fanart and would be totally down for any random drive-by art you want to create.

tropes and likes | DNWs
Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford (2007) | Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (Archie Comics) | The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (1966) | LA Confidential (1997) | Miller's Crossing (1990) | Philip Marlowe - Raymond Chandler | Rope (1948) | The Thing (1982) | crossovers (Hitchcock, 70s horror/thriller films, Coen Bros films, True Detective, Breaking Bad)

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Hi there! I'm Skazka on ao3 (and most other places). I'm really excited for Chocolate Box this year and I'm sure I'll be happy to read whatever you write me. All my prompts this year are pretty geared toward fic, so that's what I've requested, but I'd be very happy to receive artwork as well if any of this sparks your creativity! (If for some reason these prompts aren't tl;dr enough for you, you can check out my Yuletide/Darkest Night/Rare Pair Fest letters, and God bless you.)

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ships and prompts -- BvS:DoJ, Band of Brothers, Breaking Bad, E Street Band RPF, Miller's Crossing, Oz, crossover ships )
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Hail and well met, Yuletide author! This is the time of year where traditionally I get really tl;dr talking about fanfic. Please don't feel obligated to write all my listed Likes in one fic or something -- if any of them make a handy springboard for the fic you want to write, go for it.

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fandoms: An American Werewolf In London (1981), Anno Dracula - Kim Newman, Fright Night (1985), The Hitcher (1986), Hail Caesar! (2016), The Lost Boys (1987) )
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My letter for Darkest Night 2016! (Heads-up: this is a darkfic exchange, so a lot of these prompts include or outline potentially grim shit, particularly violence and sexual assault, so CW for those things in particular.)

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[Fandoms: Divergent - Veronica Roth, Ex Machina, The Nice Guys (2016), True Detective] )
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Optional prompts are very optional in this case -- I trust your judgment on what you're wanting to write, and I'm super excited to receive any and all of these ships!

The Deets )

General Likes & Dislikes )
Now, actual prompts!

Fandoms: Crossover (Breaking Bad x True Detective); Breaking Bad; Godfather Trilogy; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly; Hail Caesar!; Miller's Crossing; The Nice Guys; Twin Peaks )
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Yuletide 2015 has been very good for me, so I figured I'd do a wrap-up post before I did a recs list --

I received an Inside Llewyn Davis fic as my gift, the beautiful and dry and evocative I Will Make Me a Home Out in the Wind by 3pipeproblem. (1.5k, Teen, gen, no warnings apply.) This year I requested fic exploring Llewyn's relationship with Mike Timlin, and my author absolutely did not disappoint; this fic does an amazing job drawing a really evocative picture of Llewyn and Mike, their scene and their friendship.

For Yuletide Madness I received another perfectly heartbreaking ILD fic: air and ash and vapor by Addison R, which kicks off by getting to the bottom of why Llewyn does't have a winter coat and just kept on kicking my heart's ass from there. (1k of perfection, G, no archive warnings apply.)

Outside of Yuletide, I received the amazing In our dry cellars by Cygnes, an Ex Machina fic that is terrifying and powerful and digs deep into one of my biggest lingering questions about the film -- 3.6k, explicit Nathan/Caleb, CW for major character death and sexual assault. Heed the warnings; this fic is amazing.


This year I wrote:

2001: A Space Odyssey

- En Prise for elospock; 2761 words, Teen, gen, no archive warnings apply.

A pre-canon HAL 9000 character study, because Christmastime is for sad robots. (On an unrelated note, it was really hard to write 2001 genfic after Aubade last year, so I'm really happy and glad people liked this fic.)

Ex Machina

- strange loop for cygnes; 1781 words, Teen, Nathan/Caleb, CNTW.

The one with the body horror, which is also the one where Caleb is a robot.

Fargo (2014)

- Plato's Beard for jamjar; 3543 words, Mature, Wrench/Numbers, CNTW.

Fix-it fic set post-"Buridan's Ass", wherein Wrench makes it very clear he's not letting go just yet.


- Silent Partners for Meltha; 3129 words, Teen, gen, no archive warnings apply.

Oswald Cobblepot character study (and Jim Gordon character study by proxy) featuring a badly made cocktail. Also, did you know vintage bar tools sometimes look disconcertingly like sex toys? Now you know. That would be a very different fic.


- Sea of Islands for yaseanne; 4332 words, Explicit, Sam Bell/Sam Bell, CNTW.

I love this movie and I love clonecest and getting to write some sad lonely clonecest was amazing, okay. So, sad lonely clonecest where the Sams find some common ground and share a bed.

Rope (1948)

- The Artificial Wilderness for sistermagpie; 2653 words, unrated, Brandon/Phillip with Cadell POV, CNTW.

Prequel fic set during the boys' prep school days, wherein Rupert Cadell thinks of himself as a free-spirited maverick mentor and definitely definitely isn't one.


I'm incredibly happy with what I had the chance to write this year, and my recips are the people who made it possible -- both Fargo and Moon were new fandoms for me this year and any Yuletide I come away with something new is one where I'm happy. Here's hoping your New Year is cool as hell.
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(Exchange letters for the past few years can be read here.)

Dear Yuletide Writer,

You are a champion of the world! My letters are traditionally a little long-winded, so I'll skip the introductions and just thank you up-front for writing for me this year. All the following details are totally optional and it's in no way an exhaustive checklist of things you've got to cram into one story; I hope you write something you're stoked about and have a great time this Yuletide. Format-wise, I'm wide open to whatever you want to try, whether that's weird experimental interactive fiction or blank verse or orderly third-person past-tense prose.

fandoms: Apocalypse Now (1979) ; Gangs Of New York (2002) ; Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) ; Over The Garden Wall ; There Will Be Blood - minor edits10/21/15 )
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This is no longer a placeholder, but still monstrous!

fandoms: Heart Of Darkness, Moby-Dick, Whiplash (2014), Duchess Of Malfi (Webster) )

My ridiculously wordy likes and dislikes aside, I'm super stoked for NoFM this year and I hope everyone involved has a blast.
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Right off the bat: I had a fantastic time this Yuletide. Even if I hadn’t gotten anything at all it would have been pretty freaking sweet; it was super exhausting but incredibly motivating. Yuletide and adjacent activities this year got me into so many new fandoms, and let me revisit some older ones. It was awesome.

This year I received two fics, both of them fantastic, and I’m beyond pleased with both of them.

When The Lips And Skin Remember, by misslucyjane; Only Lovers Left Alive, 9.5k. My writer this year wrote me a beautiful, careful, and long fic set in an AU where Ian becomes a vampire rather than just getting snacked on, and how he ends up nestling into Adam and Eve’s household (which is to say, pretty damn well). I mentioned how much I loved all the chill down-time moments in the film with vampires just hanging out together, and asked for a little speculation about how vampirism itself works in this universe, where our principal leads even came from -- this writer delivered absolutely wonderfully on all these things and totally went above and beyond.

Per Verba Presenti, Duchess Of Malfi, by El Staplador; drabble-length. This one is pretty brief -- the Duchess considering her secret marriage and what it signifies -- but it’s absolutely lovely.

This year I wrote… a whole bunch of stuff, apparently, by my usual standards.

Fandoms: 14th Century CE RPF; 2001: A Space Odyssey; Funny Games (2007); Shakespeare (Henry IV&Hamlet); Iliad - Homer; Kingdom Of Heaven; Leopold And Loeb RPF (Historical Criminals RPF); Mystery Of Edwin Drood; Only Lovers Left Alive; Tiny Detectives )
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A whole batch of recs for 14th Century CE RPF, 21 Jump Street (films), Archer, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Bletchley Circle, The Count Of Monte Cristo, Cthulhu Mythos, Elizabethan & Jacobean Playwright RPF, Frog & Toad, LA Confidential, Moby Dick, Penny Dreadful, Peter Pan, Shakespeare (Richard II & Henry IV), True Detective, Venture Bros, Wayne's World, and Withnail & I.

I'll probably have more of these in a bit, augh, this was a very good year! )
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It's that time of year! And without further ado, I am going to totally jump the gun on posting this nonsense.

Fandoms: Duchess of Malfi - Webster, Revenger's Tragedy - Middleton, Only Lovers Left Alive, The King Of Shreds And Patches (IF Game) | last updated 10/29/14 )
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Greetings and salutations, Night On Fic Mountain writer person! I'm super stoked to have another fic exchange on my docket for this year, and this one's pretty new so I'm not totally solid on protocol yet, but I'm thrilled you're writing for me. And who knows, maybe I'll end up writing for you. Here's some further details about what I like and find intriguing about my canons and what I dig in fic; hopefully it'll be idea-sparking and not just embarrassingly wordy and tl;dr. What follows is a lot of spitballing fic ideas and some seriously mistreated question marks.

Fandoms: The Duchess Of Malfi - Webster, Hamlet - Shakespeare, The Revenger's Tragedy - All Media Types, Demon Knights (comic)

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Greetings and salutations, Night On Fic Mountain writer person! I'm super stoked to have another fic exchange on my docket for this year, and this one's pretty new so I'm not totally solid on protocol yet, but I'm thrilled you're writing for me. And who knows, maybe I'll end up writing for you. Here's some further details about what I like and find intriguing about my canons and what I dig in fic; hopefully it'll be idea-sparking and not just embarrassingly wordy and tl;dr. What follows is a lot of spitballing fic ideas and some seriously mistreated question marks.

Fandoms: The Duchess Of Malfi - Webster, Hamlet - Shakespeare, The Revenger's Tragedy - All Media Types, Demon Knights (comic)

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I've got 15+ pages down all right. 15+ good pages, definitely not, so I emailed a draft to my supervisor and am waiting to hear back. *bites nails* With the way my brain is wired, doing anything other than write essay feels like I'm falling down on the job, even sleeping. Which unsurprisingly doesn't actually help my productivity at all, it just makes me feel totally guilt-wracked about normal aspects of writing.

Like clockwork I've written more Histories fic -- It's all pretty grim, though, 'to win thy after-love' (RSC-verse, Henry/Aumerle, serious consent issues, almost 2k) and a POV-swap remix of To Work And After, Holiday (also RSC-verse-ish, also warnings city). (At least one WIP I've got open is actually nice stuff for these characters, though, and that'll hopefully get posted some time this weekend. You can tell I feel weirdly guilty and in need of some variety.) Speaking of Histories, I need to get into the first tetralogy fast. Maybe once I have free time that's not spent being derangedly anxious. Time for incoming Wars of the Roses, maybe I can finally answer my dad's standing questions regarding what the hell Tudors are and where they come from. (Anything post-Byzantine Empire and pre-French Revolution is kind of a dim blur in terms of my formal education, on account of the school semesters devoted to those periods being pretty rough for a young Ska and memory failing, but it's cool stuff to learn on my own time and my dad's always

Yesterday was not great on the mental health front, so today is devoted to various internship-and-essay-related housekeeping tasks and lying in bed with the hugest bar of chocolate I have ever seen. (My roommate made a bunch of... s'more-based tarts? on sticks? for a campus bake sale and I woke up to seeing Roommate totally tanked out on top of the covers with heaps of freshly baked and fragrant baked goods chilling out all over every flat surface. It was pretty cool, the fact that I couldn't actually eat any of them notwithstanding.)

My music library's also been topped up -- I've had a pretty cool John Dowland transfusion and also the complete works of Queenadreena. Which is neat.

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Mar. 12th, 2014 11:46 pm
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For some reason, AO3 won't let me re-tag one of these fics. Which is really very frustrating, because I've gone and cleared up a bunch of my previous relationship-type tagging to be more lucid and/or honest, and this one's the straggler. A whole bunch of my fics probably need retagging/recategorizing/re-rating, but I'm in kind of a blue frame of mind and I'd rather not hunt through and end up unwisely orphaning things or whatever.
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Spring break in Minnesota is a little lacking on the beaches-and-gross-drinks front, but I've made okay headway on this annual essay and (more importantly) had the opportunity to go through my bookshelf and pick out new stuff to take back with me. I'd totally forgotten some of the stuff I owned (A Rebours, for instance, what the hell) and now we're equipped again for a Brideshead Revisited miniseries marathon if I can round up enough people. (The last time I watched that at home my dad ended up wandering through and wandering out muttering about how he had no idea there were so many homosexuals in it, so, yeah.)

In actually kind of significant personal news -- I got my hair cut. I do a lot of awkward anxious hand-wringing about presentation and what's acceptable at school vs. what's acceptable at home, and especially as regards stuff that I can't change in a hurry it's stressful, but my parents are gradually coming to terms with the back/sides of my head being buzzed. Braced for inevitable Hermann Gottlieb comments once I get to campus, but Hermann looks great, so to hell with that. (Also, glasses. I got glasses and I look smashing; going to movies and art galleries is going to be a pretty different experience now, I'm guessing.)

For classes right now I'm reading Pride And Prejudice -- it's a very different experience now than in 9th grade, and I'm enjoying it a lot. In our discussions I'm braced for a lot of comparisons to Middlemarch (probably unfavorable, because Lord knows if we've only got a handful of female authors on the Program we should pit them against each other whenever the opportunity affords itself) but it's a pretty different animal. I've never really done the Austen pop culture thing, and my special talent for totally forgetting the specifics of stuff I watched in high school is coming in handy here; I'm having to read a lot more attentively and I'm meeting some genuine surprises along the way. (For fun reading, I'm finally reading the Lord Peter Wimsey books -- I had a dream where I was writing fic for them, despite not having read past the first few pages of Gaudy Night in the past, so I decided to get cracking on what my subconscious obviously wanted me to get into. I started with Strong Poison, though, because Harriet Vane.) I'm also set to reread one of my back-to-school books, but I can't pick, and I'm trying to hunt down a Tumblr friends' rec of A Dead Man In Deptford. When did I start owning so many books? Why do I try to bring them on the plane with me? I just don't know.

Also, have got my hands on all the Globe Live recordings of Henry IV1&2/Henry V, and a better-quality copy of Faustus. Jamie Parker is a perfect, perfectly awful Hal, and this Falstaff is excessively babely. That is all.

When we're back at school we're probably going to wrangle to see Only Lovers Left Alive when it comes out in April ("we" being me and the bunker gang/anybody else interested in skinny vampires in questionable wigs) and the Vampire Chronicles news has me thinking about what I actually want out of a vampire canon right now. The only thing that's really been a total win for me on the vampire front lately was Gileonnen's marvelous "In The Blood Of Others", but that's Coriolanus fic where the canon is already dyed in blood imagery.

Also, food! I have a box of food-type things that'll be mailed my way once I've left for campus, and there's going to be so much oatmeal in my life.
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I've been absent a bit here for non-Porn Battle related stuff but now that it's over I finally have some time to breathe! A lot of prompts I'd hoped to see didn't materialize into fic, but there's always the possibility of more later additions and at least they're still kicking around for inspiration. (And some of them that I put out there are either WIPs that just weren't finished in time or have sparked their own plotbunnies for later use, with and without porn.) My final output this Porn Battle is as follows -- caveat that as usual a few of these have warnings attached/additional content notes for rough stuff.

Corona Borealis (Greek mythology, Ariadne/Dionysus/bacchanal bystanders; prompts "bacchanalia" and "pure".)
Pray, Pray, Pray (Bright Star, Fanny/Keats; prompts "freedom", "garden", and "gingerly".)
Eye To Eye And Nose To Nose (Henry IV Part 2, Hal/Poins, prompt "matched".)
Vermilion (ASOIAF, Roose Bolton/Ramsay Bolton, prompt "garnet".)
Between The Cheats (Luther/BBC!Sherlock crossover, Alice Morgan/Jim Moriarty, prompts "femdom" and "exceptions". This is actually two shorts, I cheated.)
A Kind Of Nothing (Coriolanus, Aufidius/Martius, prompt "complications".)
Low (Always Crashing In The Same Car, Bill/Jim, prompts "blowjob"/"kneeling" and "blackmail". )
Me Of Thee Defeated (Hamlet, Hamlet/Horatio, prompts "Latin" and "university".)

Pretty much all of these need a rating reassessment something fierce though -- they're not the most explicit stuff I've ever written but I felt obliged to indicate they were porn somehow since somehow I ended up with people who actually know me and live in my dorm having an AO3 subscription to me.

classes/college talk! nothing too dire )

The weather out here is slowly improving from horrifyingly snowy to disappointingly rainy, but that's a step in the right direction, at least, and the sky's very beautiful. Spring's coming eventually, kind of, and I'm excited to head home for an even snowier but much more food-filled break at home.

Reading-wise, the bunker discovered To Be Or Not To Be: That Is The Adventure and I've got that on my Kindle now; the Kindle interface is a little buggy and not being able to physically hold my place to flip back to if I want to make another choice from the same juncture is somewhat frustrating. At our local bookstore I picked up a copy of A.S. Byatt's Possession, but it's not grabbing me so far, so I'm burying myself in plays apparently. I finished The Revenge Of Bussy D'Ambois and I'm backtracking to read the first Bussy D'Ambois (along with Marlowe's Massacre At Paris because apparently I hate myself) and I'm also picking away at The Changeling. I've still got the Variorum Richard II out from the library and I'm going over all its annotations; some of them are a little weird (the point where they chipperly suggest comparing the sunne-in-splendour motif to a swastika, for one, wtf) but it's so nice to go over this text slowly and with quite involved commentary.

In other Shakespeare news, on Friday I'm road-tripping to DC with friends to see a broadcast of the Donmar Coriolanus! It looks like a ton of fun ahead of us, but my big concerns at this point are: a) where on earth we'll eat in DC, since we'll be making a day of it, we're cheap students and 2/3 of us are picky eaters; b) if we'll be embarrassingly underdressed or overdressed as is our custom (see again Ska Is A Collegey Jackass); c) if the abrupt dubsteppy scene transitions will bug Mermaid, since she and I both have AUGH SURPRISE LOUD NOISE issues. The friends in question are good company, though, and we haven't been to DC since I came out here so it's as good a time as any.


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