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My transformative works policy is "yes, please, have at it!". Consider this carte blanche. You have my blanket permission to podfic/remix/illustrate/translate/make fanmixes for/otherwise transform any of my fic, with the caveat that you include a link back to my original work. I would also appreciate, but do not require, a comment/email linking to your work. You can email me at or comment here if you have any other questions.

If I've taken down a fic you liked from AO3 or DW (even one of my earlier fics prior to 2008) and you'd like a digital copy for posterity, please feel free to email me. I'd be more than happy to share a copy for personal enjoyment if I have one. (Ditto for fanmixes.) If a fic of mine's been taken down/locked away in the Ska vaults for whatever reason and you've got a copy you'd like to share with other fans on a one-to-one basis, feel free to do so, but please do not straight-up upload my unaltered fic to other archives or sites, even with a link, or share its complete text elsewhere without permission from me.


Apr. 17th, 2019 12:15 pm
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Oh! Oh! I also wrote jubilantly filthy kinkfic for the very exciting Captain & Commander, a charity zine centered on Fitzjames/Crozier from AMC's The Terror. The zine's raising funds for Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami and it just went into preorders now, so nab a copy if you're feeling the funk.
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I'm prepping for one sewing project with visions of other ones dancing in my head and hoo boy, I'm going to regret this, probably. It's been on my to-do list to find other ways of passing the time that don't involve spending 15+ hours a day plugged in to a computer, and hand-sewing is one way to do that, but with all the luck I've had in the past sewing big puffy shirts... woof. Lately there's been a ton of bullshit stress in my life, and I've been really burned-out, so being able to get excited about sewing is at least a nicer feeling than being in the complete pits about everything else.

Does anyone have recs for historical sewing books and/or blogs? I've got The Tudor Tailor and that one American Duchess 18th century dress-sewing book to go through, but I'm having a hard time finding blogs that aren't Gowns! Gowns! Gowns! 24/7. (Though gowns are amazing eye candy, so I'll also accept blogs in that vein.) I love the history of cosmetics and hairdressing, as well as all the funky layers that go into dressmaking, but I don't really wear much women's clothing and I'm not that comfortable in Full Fancy Lady Mode, so blogs and books that cover menswear and working-class people's clothing would also be rad.

And since perfume seems to be most of what I blog about here besides fic... I'd like to recommend the indie perfume oils of Seance Perfumes. I'm trying to widen my horizon beyond BPAL, and while For Strange Women has turned out too rich for my blood I've been wearing and adoring Seance's Spirit Trumpet as I go down a book spiral on 19th century spiritualism and mourning culture. Next up to try is Whisper Sisters scents, which look fantastic (I... uh... love resins too much) but will have to wait until the next time I get paid. What are you smelling? What are you window-shopping wistfully?

Podcast-wise, I've been enjoying the infectious disease podcast This Podcast Will Kill You a whole lot -- the name had my hackles up expecting something with a more faux-inflammatory tone, but the hosts are two grad students who love bibliographies and academic research and medical history and their approach to their subject matter is right up my alley. (I'd also love medical-history reading recs, jsyk.) I've been out of the movies-and-TV loop for a few weeks now due to technical difficulties (and, I mean... burnout) but I liked Jordan Peele's Us very much and I was pleasantly surprised by the 1995 HBO original movie Citizen X about the detection and identification of Soviet-era serial killer Andrei Chikatilo. Books-wise I'm swamped with a bunch of shit but I will one day finish Northanger Abbey.
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Dear NoFM author/artist,

You're a champ, and I go on for way too long, so feel free to mix and match parts of this letter, reverse the roles in a particular prompt, or ignore these prompts altogether. I definitely don't expect any fanwork to include everything I mention here (and what could?) and I'll be thrilled with anything you write or draw so long as you're having fun.

Likes, Dislikes, Kinks, DNWs )

Fandoms: The Duellists (1977), The Servant (1963), An American Werewolf In London (1981) )
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I'm doing a halfassed fic prompt meme on AO3 here, inspired by my recent misguided attempt to assemble an incomplete list of things I ship. Prompt me things if you feel the urge.
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This year for Yuletide:

Oranges & Lemons (AMC The Terror)
Characters: Captain Francis Crozier, Commander James Fitzjames, Captain Sir John Franklin
Additional Tags: Pre-Canon, Winter, Missing Scenes, Misguided Friendship Overtures
Summary: New Year’s Eve, 1845: Crozier drinks punch and mulls his options on Beechey Island.

turn not thy back to the compass
Relationships: Harry D. S. Goodsir/Cornelius Hickey
Characters: Cornelius Hickey, Harry D. S. Goodsir
Additional Tags: Mutiny Camp Era, Mutual Hurt/Comfort, Scurvy Blowjobs, Yuletide Treat
Summary: Goodsir takes stock of his practicals.

kiss the rod
Relationships: Captain Francis Crozier/Cornelius Hickey
Characters: Captain Francis Crozier, Cornelius Hickey
Additional Tags: Dream Sex, Alcoholism & Recovery, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Blood and Gore, Major Character Undeath, Prophetic Visions, Yuletide Treat
Summary: Crozier’s past has come back to haunt him before, but not quite like this.

an ill-sheathed knife
Relationships: Captain Francis Crozier/Cornelius Hickey
Characters: Cornelius Hickey, Captain Francis Crozier
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Established Relationship, Mutiny, Cannibalism, Pillow Talk, Yuletide Treat
Summary: Scenes from the private affairs of one Cornelius Hickey.

a sweete stroke on the lute
Relationships: Captain Francis Crozier/Cornelius Hickey
Characters: Captain Francis Crozier, Cornelius Hickey
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Jacobean Dramatists, Sexy Stringed Instruments, Yuletide Treat
Summary: Crozier is a Jacobean theater impresario. Hickey is a play-patcher intent on taking him for a ride.

In non-Terror fandom news:

Close My Mouth (The Servant 1963)
Relationships: Tony/Hugo Barrett
Characters: Tony (The Servant 1963), Hugo Barrett
Additional Tags: Additional Warnings Apply, Power Dynamics, Yuletide Treat
Summary: This is Tony’s house, and the pair of them are the only living creatures in it.

deep red bells (The Stand - Stephen King)
Relationships: Nadine Cross/Randall Flagg
Characters: Nadine Cross, Randall Flagg
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Hitchhiking, Additional Warnings Apply, Yuletide Treat
Summary: Nadine learns what she can about the great love of her life.

The Non-Belligerents (A Separate Peace - Knowles)
Relationships: Gene Forrester/Phineas “Finny”
Characters: Gene Forrester, Phineas “Finny” (A Separate Peace)
Additional Tags: Fix-it fic, Post-War, POV First Person, Yuletide Treat
Summary: Finny and Gene after VE Day.

beneath the golden hill (The Talented Mr. Ripley 1999)
Relationships: Tom Ripley/Peter Smith-Kingsley
Characters: Tom Ripley, Peter Smith-Kingsley
Additional Tags: Post-Canon, Fix-it fic, Domesticity, Confessions, Yuletide Treat
Summary: Tom and Peter, partners in disguise.

Out of the number of fics I enjoyed massively this year, I'd like to rec these:

Skin and Stone by scioscribe -- The Awakening 2011, 3k. Lovely post-canon casefic that serves as a showcase for Florence’s growth and independence as well as a shockingly swoonworthy depiction of her relationship with Robert. Great subdued ghosts.

cross the bridge as it burns by arbitrarily -- Babylon Berlin, 3k. Eerie many-layered journey through Gereon’s conscious and subconscious mind, wonderful canon tone and use of the theme of hypnosis. Plus, Charlotte/Gereon. [dreamy sigh]

Lucky Charm by galadriel -- Eastern Promises, 3.1k. Postcanon, Nikolai helps Kirill out in the shifting landscape of what’s left after his father’s downfall. Melancholy, gritty, and ultimately relieving.

Animal Magnetism by deepandlovelydark -- The Good The Bad And The Ugly, 3.3k. Night after night, Tuco and Blondie play out the story of their old escapades, with occasional visits from beyond the grave. Slashy, funny, and a kickass Tuco character study.

I Went To Your Wedding by karaokegal -- Hail Caesar!, 3.9k. Hobie and Laurentz make it happen, with oodles of enthusiastic rope bondage and cameos from all the best scummiest reporters of silver-screen 1950s Hollywood.

Lion Rampant, Contourné by yeats -- The Lion In Winter/12th Century CE RPF, 1.6k. A great, textured, quietly sinister study of Eleanor’s mothering and Richard’s coming of age. (Coming-to-be?) Lovely and fitting missing scenes for the ultimate Christmas canon.

Sir I Believe You Dropped Something by Jackalope80 -- The Philadelphia Story, 3.4k. Wonderful witty every-which-way postcanon flirtations between Tracy, Mike, and Dex, nails the canon’s sense of time and place and has a gay bar interlude (!!!!), my greatest love in all things.

Someone Else’s Music by bakcheia -- The Picture of Dorian Gray, 3.8k. Lord Henry Wotton is visited by a familiar-looking spirit and Wildean shit happens. Killer atmosphere and wonderful muted melancholy.

You Are Who You Say You Are by scioscribe -- AMC The Terror, 10k. Hickey finds work as impromptu surgeon’s mate and a moral-ethical sea change begins to take place, coincidentally at the same time as he and Goodsir are falling in love. A great, cautious, and above all earned patch of redemption.

Night comes a-calling by lilliburlero -- The Night Manager, 9.2k, dense and multilayered and twisty Pine/Roper with the kind of wit and sharp edges this writer does especially well.

(I didn't get to rec these pre-reveals but scioscribe also wrote Always Be Somewhat Suspect, a pitch-black character study of Guy Woodhouse from Rosemary's Baby and his willingness to make a bad bargain, and Happy Families Are All Alike, which explores the landscape of VC Andrews' Flowers in the Attic brilliantly and bleakly.
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...and of gross things that float around in the ocean for a long time, I have AMC's The Terror fandom not!BPALs. (For characters, not fic authors, or mine would just be "sweaty hairy pits, pipe tobacco, and vetiver".) I love procrastinating by researching characters' perfume choices, especially in settings that are pre-20th century perfumery, and I love coming up with more abstract scent associations for characters who realistically smell less than lovely. Disclaimer that none of these blends have been tested out in any proportion whatsoever, none of these exist for real, and all of them are weird jokes.

The Tuunbaq smelled like ambergris, white fur musk, cool blue marine accord, and something uniquely him... )

That's a whole lotta dude smells, whoo boy. Some of these are inspired by vintage 19th century perfumery but most of them are just for lols.
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I've done a truly unreasonable amount of Yuletide writing (I mean... for me, please don't expect multiple 50k works of grandeur here) and I'm hyped to read what other people have written but I also need to not stress out about reveals, reveals bugs, whether I'm actually secretly a terrible writer and should flee humanity to live in a cave, etc. Pivoting to working on non-Yuletide stuff might make me feel better, but it's hard to switch gears. I'm thinking of backing up some of my DVD-commentary-type posts about writing from Tumblr ask memes on AO3, but I need to come up with the least obnoxious/tag-floody way of doing so and that's going to take some doing. It might end up involving posting here and then just linking on the relevant AO3 pages, but who knows if that will be any less annoying. I know DVD commentary-type meta is incredibly self-indulgent, but I love to talk about writing instead of writing, and I love to read about the behind-the-scenes stuff when other people write, so who cares.

(Scents update: still waiting for Yules to show up, bought a decant of AbdesSalaam Attar's Holy Water that ideally won't evaporate on me as quickly as the last one did. I didn't realize that that perfumer sells a tincture of ambergris, and I'm tempted, but also... shit costs money. Does anyone else think of the Tales from the Crypt episode Forever Ambergris when they're perfume-spiraling?)
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Terror fandom has finally reached par with Richard II on my AO3 page for most works! I know Histories would still win out if considered with other sub-fandoms (the Henrys, Richard III, etc.) but The Terror is easy to write lots of drabbles for. I'm working on Yuletide treats in the home stretch here, but I have my wisdom teeth coming out tomorrow and I'm more than a little scared how that will go or how productive I will be in the aftermath.

Current reading:

I'm... super dissatisfied with Sarah Weinman's The Real Lolita, from the title on down -- it could be an okay book about the abduction of Horner and her later life, or a pretty good book about Nabokov's writing processes, but her way of writing about abuse is phenomenally awkward (I don't mean "awkward" as in "cringey and creepy", more like... clumsy, I guess) and I'm not pleased with other aspects either. I'm also listening to Pale Horse Rider by Mark Jacobson, a work about the conspiracy theory impresario William Cooper, which I'm finding much more satisfying if grim. Next up is Lindsey Fitzharris' The Butchering Art, which... I think I originally bookmarked for Goodsir fic purposes, or maybe for Romantic fic purposes, but my last ongoing medical-history read (Wendy Moore's The Knife Man) is just a little too full of surgical details for me to handle in audio.

BPAL's Yules have been up for a while now and a few of them are headed my way.

- Hearthflame and Incense: Crackling almond wood and the deep sweet smoke of burgundy pitch, Austrian amber resin, black copal, and frankincense.

- Vital Fluid: The breath and tears and pulse of all life; the fluid that flows through all creation, permeating space and time and spirit: olibanum, red benzoin absolute, labdanum, betel leaf, galbanum, mastic, and angelica.

- Eighth Lash: Matted fur, oakmoss, and clove.

I love the An Evening With The Spirits line, so I'm especially excited for that. I'm also looking into getting the goods to make decants/imps of my own perfume oils, so hopefully more on that topic will be coming later.

Do any of you like crystals, rocks, other cool natural phenomena, etc.? I'm looking to pick up a few, because I think they're neat, but I'm not sure where to shop and my previous hookup, Bekkathyst, doesn't have many of the things I'm looking for right now. Give me recs or tell me about your collection of neat rocks!
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I'd like to post more often here on what I'm reading, but I've done almost no reading of physical books since my move, so that would be a tall order. I liked The Lost Girls Of Camp Forevermore by Kim Fu very much; the novel is about a group of girls who find themselves stranded in the wilderness on a summer camp trip gone wrong, but also about who those girls grow up to be and how they deal with trauma in their adult lives. I appreciated that the structure of the book unfolds the past and present sections more or less simultaneously so it never felt like trauma itself was supposed to be some kind of guessing game. I've begun Fatal Vision but MacDonald's 1960s-typical cavalier attitude toward women in the excerpts from his interviews creeped me out even more than the graphic details of the crimes; ultimately it was too much for me to listen to in an empty house, and I'll have to pick it up later. My most recent Audible pick is Ben Macintyre's A Spy Among Friends: Kim Philby and the Great Betrayal, which I'm enjoying the hell out of as an examination of espionage and weird relationships between men. Other than that... I'm still making my way through Carmen Maria Machado's Her Body and Other Parties and enjoying it very much but it's not exactly easy reading, or suited to my usual nightmare collection of multitasking tabs.

For whatever reason I have a hard time relaxing reading things that aren't at least somewhat grim. I need to stock up on things that stay just this side of dismal.
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I'm going to try and post here more often, since my weird brand of content was never that suited for Tumblr-style short-format posts anyway, but I've been saying that for at least three years at this point so who knows how it'll go. I'm hard at work on Yuletide as well as other things irl that are considerably less fun than Yuletide, like moving and dealing with job stress.

I need to get my streaming logins in order (rip, Filmstruck, I never even got to know you) but as it is, it's been a weirdly film-less few days and that's almost relaxing in its own way. It means I can't really canon review, though, unless you count the rather marvelous early script draft for the pilot of AMC's The Terror that francienolan on Tumblr turned up. Hickey has eyes like a caffeinated saint, La Vesconte chokes on a biscuit, Fitzjames tells tedious "leaping into the water to save a drowning man" anecdotes rather than that time he got shot.

I don't really have any non-exchange fic currently on my docket, but I'm working on a Picture of Dorian Gray/Dracula crossover for a belated Trick or Treat gift and it's forcing me to fancast Paul Ready as both Basil Hallward and Jack Seward. I don't care that it doesn't make chronological sense, I just really like Paul Ready. Share with me your own Dracula dreamcasts, please, if you feel inclined.
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Happy Yuletide! In accordance with the seasons, here is my annual tl;dr Yuletide letter -- feel free to incorporate as little of it as you like. I'm skazka @ AO3 and my past letters can be found here.

Likes, Dislikes, and DNWs )

Gilda (1946), Mad Men (TV), The Terror (TV), 20th Century Kennedy Family RPF )
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Thank you so much for taking a look at my letter! I customarily go way overboard on my letter, but I promise I'm really easy to please and I'll love to read whatever you want to write me.

Likes & DNWs )

Fandoms: The Alienist (TV), Fright Night 1985, The Hitcher 1986, The Lost Boys 1987, Mad Men (TV), Philip Marlowe - Raymond Chandler )
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Happy Chocolate Box, mystery author! Here is my customary seasonally appropriate tl;dr.

likes and dislikes )
fandoms and pairings )
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 This is just a slice of the good stuff in the Yuletide collections right now (and of the stuff I’ve been reading) but I figured better now than later!

All the Carrie fics this year have been fucking fantastic.

Locusts In The Grass is from the Madness collection, so it’s on the brief side and might not get as many initial eyes as the main collection, but holy fuck, it’s great. It’s a glimpse of life in what’s no longer Chamberlain, Maine (as told by Sue Snell) and the burgeoning cult of Carrie White. 

No Peace in the Kingdom of Women is a gorgeous Carrie/Sue story and achingly fucked-up and sad -- it takes the events of canon in a different, less pyrotechnic direction but it’s heartachey and painfully teenage and fabulous. 

If You See Her, Say Hello is post-canon fic focused on Sue and the heavy imprint left by Carrie in her life; it’s about trauma and about having weirder shit happen to you than you can ever really tell about, and about choices.

There’s been some great horror fic this year in general, which makes me so happy.

Underworlds: The Life and Afterlife of Richard Upton Pickman is an art gallery retrospective building on the short story Pickman’s Model, and it’s delicious. This is exactly the kind of fictional document fic I love to read, and it tells a super creepy story while spinning a super plausible legacy for a troubling and troubled artist. I felt like I was reading it strolling through a tiny New England art gallery, and it was fabulous.

On a very different note: 

Mordre, She Wroot is a murder mystery spin on the Canterbury Tales, and from the title on I knew I was going to dig it -- it adds some new twists and turns but it’s such a treat to revisit these figures in a different context and to see the Wife of Bath SOLVIN’ CRIMES. 

For Glory, Or An Early Death is a crossover between The Stand and the Dark Tower series -- it’s a beautiful bridging of the two and its vision of Dayna/Nadine as a ship is troubling and fabulous. The ka-tet is great in this and (no spoilers, but) the way the meeting of their worlds plays out is so satisfying. 

If you’re not feelin’ the Dark Tower action, or even if you are, you also need to read Baby, Can You Dig Your Gal?, which is a Lucy/Nadine story about defeating evil through the power of sapphism and is amaaaazing.

This Sound of Glass is a Lucy-centric The Stand fic; it’s perfectly atmospheric and perfectly creepy, and has great Flagg interference making it all the creepier, but it also draws a wonderful textured picture of the plague survivors cautiously coming together again. 

Such Marvellous Things is a post-canon Moonlight fic about Chiron and Kevin and, indirectly, the next generation of kids in their lives -- it’s wonderful and poetic and vivid. 

On another note, Down To The Bone is a Sicario fic about Kate Macer being completely fucked over by trauma and memory and the work that Gillick is still doing since they parted ways. I really liked it. 

Balance Point is a lovely and artful Philadelphia Story fic that brings together all the romantic threads I want to see from canon in a Macaulay Connor/C.K. Dexter Haven/Tracy Lord triangulation, and it gives me great joy. It’s subtle and sweet. 

If you press me to say is a My Beautiful Laundrette fic (Johnny/Omar, naturally) that meets the biggest need I have with that film, which is post-canon long term relationship stuff to the max. It’s tinged with the subtle sadnesses of getting older, and it’s wonderfully tender. 

Soul Like a Knife is an Inglourious Basterds fic that made me so excited to see it in the collection -- I’ve wanted trans woman Shoshanna since I first see it prompted, and this fic totally exceeds that I could have hoped for. It’s a fraught glimpse at Shoshanna’s life at the theater between the murder of her family and the hatching of her ultimate revenge, with a careful and sensitive handling of identity and passing. It’s also Shoshanna/Marcel, my forever OTP, and I about lost it. 

On a very different note, the Flatliners fic Wait ‘til the Sun Shines, Nellie had me cracking up with zero dignity on Christmas Day. It’s David/Nelson and I never knew how much I needed “characters realize they’re totally obvious about being in love because of someone writing a trashy romance novel about them” in my life before now. 

I hope to make another one of these posts soon, but basically, there’s so much fic this year that kicked my heart’s ass and it’s amazing. 

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