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Yuletide reveals 2015!

Yuletide 2015 has been very good for me, so I figured I'd do a wrap-up post before I did a recs list --

I received an Inside Llewyn Davis fic as my gift, the beautiful and dry and evocative I Will Make Me a Home Out in the Wind by 3pipeproblem. (1.5k, Teen, gen, no warnings apply.) This year I requested fic exploring Llewyn's relationship with Mike Timlin, and my author absolutely did not disappoint; this fic does an amazing job drawing a really evocative picture of Llewyn and Mike, their scene and their friendship.

For Yuletide Madness I received another perfectly heartbreaking ILD fic: air and ash and vapor by Addison R, which kicks off by getting to the bottom of why Llewyn does't have a winter coat and just kept on kicking my heart's ass from there. (1k of perfection, G, no archive warnings apply.)

Outside of Yuletide, I received the amazing In our dry cellars by Cygnes, an Ex Machina fic that is terrifying and powerful and digs deep into one of my biggest lingering questions about the film -- 3.6k, explicit Nathan/Caleb, CW for major character death and sexual assault. Heed the warnings; this fic is amazing.


This year I wrote:

2001: A Space Odyssey

- En Prise for elospock; 2761 words, Teen, gen, no archive warnings apply.

A pre-canon HAL 9000 character study, because Christmastime is for sad robots. (On an unrelated note, it was really hard to write 2001 genfic after Aubade last year, so I'm really happy and glad people liked this fic.)

Ex Machina

- strange loop for cygnes; 1781 words, Teen, Nathan/Caleb, CNTW.

The one with the body horror, which is also the one where Caleb is a robot.

Fargo (2014)

- Plato's Beard for jamjar; 3543 words, Mature, Wrench/Numbers, CNTW.

Fix-it fic set post-"Buridan's Ass", wherein Wrench makes it very clear he's not letting go just yet.


- Silent Partners for Meltha; 3129 words, Teen, gen, no archive warnings apply.

Oswald Cobblepot character study (and Jim Gordon character study by proxy) featuring a badly made cocktail. Also, did you know vintage bar tools sometimes look disconcertingly like sex toys? Now you know. That would be a very different fic.


- Sea of Islands for yaseanne; 4332 words, Explicit, Sam Bell/Sam Bell, CNTW.

I love this movie and I love clonecest and getting to write some sad lonely clonecest was amazing, okay. So, sad lonely clonecest where the Sams find some common ground and share a bed.

Rope (1948)

- The Artificial Wilderness for sistermagpie; 2653 words, unrated, Brandon/Phillip with Cadell POV, CNTW.

Prequel fic set during the boys' prep school days, wherein Rupert Cadell thinks of himself as a free-spirited maverick mentor and definitely definitely isn't one.


I'm incredibly happy with what I had the chance to write this year, and my recips are the people who made it possible -- both Fargo and Moon were new fandoms for me this year and any Yuletide I come away with something new is one where I'm happy. Here's hoping your New Year is cool as hell.