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finally, a Yuletide recs post!

A whole batch of recs for 14th Century CE RPF, 21 Jump Street (films), Archer, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Bletchley Circle, The Count Of Monte Cristo, Cthulhu Mythos, Elizabethan & Jacobean Playwright RPF, Frog & Toad, LA Confidential, Moby Dick, Penny Dreadful, Peter Pan, Shakespeare (Richard II & Henry IV), True Detective, Venture Bros, Wayne's World, and Withnail & I.

14th Century RPF (+ Shakespeare, a bit):

Perkyn Legh Got Married. Super sweet and sad historical femslash, Richard II enjoying some quality time with an assortment of parasitic minions who are very much not tiny twinks, and a ton of deft exploration of class and gender politics that is really welcome.

Jesu dulcis memoria. Concerning Richard II and the painter of the Wilton diptych. Detail-rich and very moving, with a brief cameo by young!Anne of Bohemia that just breaks my heart.

21 Jump Street (films):
Undercover At Charm School and How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Both of these are funny as fuck and capture the ridiculous charm of the films in all their weirdness really well.

Aware. Lana and Sterling accidental baby acquisition fic. This is basically the fandom for baby acquisition of all kinds, for me, and this fic is delicious. (I also loved White Line Fever this year, which deals with Pam's addiction issues and some messily ambiguous relationships in a firmly canon-flavored way.)

Atlantis: The Lost Empire:
First, Last, Always. An assortment of Preston Whitmore/Thaddeus Thatch smooches through the ages, including one precipitated by a secret society ritual that is the funniest thing on earth.

Bacchae (Euripides):
Agave In Illyria. This fic is hugely trippy (and much-recced this year, it sounds like, for good reason!) and mega-creepy and I really dig it.

Bletchley Circle:
Clerical Work, Millie/Susan Bletchley-era backstory femslash. Super atmospheric and hot.

The Count Of Monte Cristo:
Only The Good Which We Can Do. Mercedes-centric. Post-canon, melancholy and thoughtful and hugely satisfying. Plus part of me really likes fic about characters eventually finding some kind of solace or self-knowledge in a religious vocation, which this fic does very well.

Cthulhu Mythos:
Crawling In My Skin. Madcap banter between cosmic horrors, ultra-barbed and ultra-goofy at the same time. Also, the title is the work of a genius, a mad genius.

Elizabethan & Jacobean Playwright RPF:
Sad Stories Of The Death Of Kings, Funny and super heartbreaking, with a Will/Kit dynamic that is absolutely to die for and a really good sense of historical place.

Frog & Toad:
Frog And Toad Forever, or, Frog And Toad Are Friends With Benefits. Written in the style of the original books, which as you can imagine is a scream, as well as surprisingly sweet and tender.

Under The Snow, Gilda and Johnny-centric with a lot of amazing backstory. I'm crazy about the time-period details in this fic and everything it does with affection and identity and redefinition. (It does a lot with Rita Hayworth's own real-life negotiations of identity, and I really want to rewatch the film with that in mind now..)

LA Confidential:
a little less fight (and a little more spark). Slash with Bud and Ed trapped in a confined space; gritty belligerent sexiness ensues. (Both LA Confidential fics this year are excellent, but I'm so excited to see someone deliver on this specific trope.)

Moby Dick:
Broad Upon The Wintry Ocean. Post-canon H/C with more Ishmael pov aaaaaaaahhhh, yes please.

Penny Dreadful:
Teranga Sembene backstory. As a character in canon, Sembene's really thinly-sketched so far, and this fic is so rich and dimensional and interesting. It's really cool to read fic set in the PD universe outside of Britain and dealing with completely different richly-realized spiritual and cultural concerns, even as Victorian imperialism incarnate in the form of Malcolm Murray encroaches.

Peter Pan:
Songs Of Innocence And Experience. Hook-centric. Extremely clever and incisive, very meta, and very chilling without going for grimdark cheap shots. Brrr.

Shakespeare (Henry IV):
Shame The Devil and Adam Lay Ybounden. Two very different Eastcheap scenes, both gorgeous and interesting and melancholy -- the second one has undercover-monarch stuff with Henry IV, which may be what I have been waiting for all my life long.

True Detective:
Little Cactus. Post-canon fic with Rust interacting with Audrey Hart; I've been longing for Audrey fic for ages and this hit the spot in a really sweet, nuanced way.

Venture Bros:
Up to Your Ass in Alligators: Or, a Little Father-Son Bonding Time. Absolutely perfect character voices and the beautifully cynical lopsided outlook I'd expect from a fic about Dr. Venture having to come clean about some things while he and Dean are dangling over a pit full of furious alligators crocodiles.

Wayne's World:
Didn't Mean To Make You Cry.This is one of those fics that seems like it shouldn't work (post-canon fic dealing with Wayne's death and everybody left behind) and yet really really does. It hits the perfect tone for canon and I really dug it.

Withnail & I
Like Leprosy (Beauty And Fault Blended Together), and (on a very different note) When It's Dark (or, Withnail & It). The former is guttingly sad and gross and blackly comic (dealing with the fallout from Withnail actually catching a break for once and completely falling apart onstage -- as the title suggests, it's a production of Duchess Of Malfi, which earns it even more love in my heart) and has probably the most wretched BJ ever written; the latter is a bit more optimistic and wickedly funny, dealing in large part with life post-Monty and that damned cat.

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