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Rare Pair Fest 2016 letter

Optional prompts are very optional in this case -- I trust your judgment on what you're wanting to write, and I'm super excited to receive any and all of these ships!

Starting super generally here, I like pretty much any structure of fic -- PWP is fine, plotty adventures and casefic are fine, introspection is fine, anything else you can think of or anything in a novel format like IF is fine. Zero preferences for POV and tense. I'm pretty multishippy so references to additional past/present/future relationships along with the main pair won't bother me one bit. My own parameters for shipping are pretty broad -- friends with benefits, sexy rivals, romances for the ages, weird obsessions, epic hatefucking, everything. I'm down for relationships that are anything from kinky to courtly (or... kinkily courtly), romantic but not sexual, sexual but not romantic, or intimate but not consummated for whatever that means to the characters involved. Holding hands once before dying in a horrible landslide of rocks, or boning daily until their happily ever after -- I'm happy.

(This year I requested only fic on the actual signup form, since that's my usual wheelhouse, but if you're hankering to draw art as treatfic or something I'd be overjoyed to see it.)

Likes: historical details including historical sexual norms ; fix-its and happy endings; "break-it" fics and darkfic; every flavor of loyalty kink; whump and h/c, especially a normally stoic or hardy character getting comforted but anything goes; rescues; mind games; unconventional sex appeal; partners in crime; fucked-up or off-kilter romances; always-a-girl genderswaps, especially for both sides of a pairing or an entire group of characters; clothes and dressing/undressing; scheming; undercover scenarios and heists; goofy humor; "hiding out in a remote cabin/cheap hotel room/abandoned theme park, because reasons" fic, with or without huddling for warmth; dark comedy; dramatic irony; shady pasts; secret relationships and unspoken understandings; ghosts, monsters, vampires, and werewolves. I love sad stories as well as happy ones, and am fine with character death, but for the purposes of this exchange I'd rather not read regular ol' breakup stories.

As far as between the sheets -- oral sex, handjobs, frottage, breathplay, sexual crying (especially the positive but embarrassing overwhelmed-with-tenderness kind), hatesex, comfort sex, clothed/semi-clothed sex, casual sex between friends, messy and complicated feelings, messed-up personal boundaries, sex as a power play, dubcon and noncon (especially the "I'll have sex with you for my own secret reasons, but it won't be too fun" kind of dubcon). I love size differences, whether that's height, weight/build, or other assets -- for a handful of examples, the Dane is huge and looming while Mink is less so, Healy's built like a ton of bricks and March is more lanky, and I am requesting fic about Sonny Corleone, whose dong is weirdly legendary in its own right -- but they don't need to be exaggerated or have any bearing on how actual bedroom roles are determined. They're just a fun aspect of the sexual landscape for me no matter how things shake out.

DNWS: I'm not too hot on teacher/student AUs, omegaverse, urban fantasy-style werewolf pack tropes, self-harm and eating disorders, child sexual abuse. I'm not interested in receiving fic with explicit sex with under-18 characters, not that I'm really requesting any characters under 18 in the first place, and I'm not that into formalized D/s. (Informal or impromptu D/s dynamics are fine.)

In general, however, I'm totally comfortable receiving fic that includes or touches on heavy topics -- infidelity, partner abuse, political corruption, torture, trauma, racism, misogyny, homophobia, etc. You don't have to strive to include them out of obligation but you're not required to avoid them either.

Now, actual prompts!

Crossovers (Breaking Bad/True Detective)

- Rust Cohle/Jesse Pinkman: OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY. The world of grim man drama is your oyster here -- the obvious candidate is the two of them recovering in Alaska together and I'd love that, but some kind of time-slip scenario (or straight-up just timeline rearrangement, I'm not a hardass about continuity) that leads to Jesse meeting Crash, or crossing paths with 1995!Rust, would make me extremely happy also. Does Rust try his whole faux-sympathetic-understanding mind whammy on this nervous young addict in the interrogation room and accidentally uncover more than he meant to? Do Jesse and junkie Rust spend some time holed up in the same hotel room together? The Iron Crusaders pick a fight with Todd's creepy Nazi gang and havoc ensues, or Rust and Jesse bond over their respective kid issues, or just two weird drifters crossing paths on their way up north, whatever you feel like.

Bonus porn prompts: high!sex, Jesse feeling guilty about Rust's hospitality and assuming he wants something in return or vice versa, grimy motel room fucking, anonymous or faux-anonymous sex, trying to get it on at Rust's place with practically no furnishings and murder photos everywhere, Alaskan comfort sex in a cabin by a lake or something, the crack AU where Jesse's a woodworking hermit up north and makes artisanal wooden dildos all day long to calm his troubled psyche...


Breaking Bad

- Gus Fring/Jesse Pinkman: You can go full AU (so what if Jesse throws in his lot with Gus in s4 and they figure out some way to get Walt out of the picture? what if Gus got to Jesse first during the time he was in recovery?) or write a random slashy interlude with these guys during their time together or write Gus' ghost haunting the fuck out of Jesse while he's being held captive (seriously, I wouldn't complain) or anything else that catches your fancy up to and including a complete timeline or universe-rearranging AU. (My one caveat is that I'd rather not read outright noncon between these guys.)

Bonus porn prompts: glad-to-be-alive sex, Jesse being divided between wanting physical comfort and being completely fucking terrified, Gus' preternatural calm not melting away in the bedroom, sad banging while thinking of other people, mostly- or entirely-clothed sex -- think of all Jesse's ridiculous layers!

- Gus Fring/Max Arciniega: The greatest love story never told! What the hell was up with them? From what little we see of Max he's a lot less restrained than Gus will later be -- was he the Jesse to Fring's Walt, or was it the other way around? (I've read a little fan speculation that he was using meth as well as producing it, which might be interesting to explore in contrast with Gus' straight-lacedness even back in '86.) Did Gus and Max leave Chile together or did one of them follow the other? Did they live together? Domesticity, fucked-up business scheming, long conversations about meth, political baggage, living a double life together: I'm interested in fic about any and all of it.

Bonus porn prompts: anything to do with the practical concerns of keeping your sex life pretty clandestine, anything where Max makes the first move, first-time sex, biting, casual companionable domestic banging.


Godfather Trilogy

- Connie Corleone/Sonny Corleone: My forever pairing! Anything between them in backstory pre-Carlo, youthful hijinks at another family event, weird semi-recognized pining, a canon-divergent AU where the attempt to draw out Sonny using Connie's abuse as bait backfires, Connie getting haunted by Sonny's ghost… really, anything. I love their affection for each other and how mismatched they should be on paper (Connie, who's the least involved in the family business of all of Vito's kids, and Sonny, who's maybe the most until things go south for him) so any interpretation of their bond, ranging from slightly-too-close to romantic and sexual love and anything in between would suit me fine.

Bonus porn prompts: there's a bit in the novel where Lucy Mancini seems to think of banging Sonny at Connie's wedding as stealing something from the bride without her knowledge, soooo... things getting intense and weird between them but both of them being very comfortable with it, bad-idea sex before the wedding, rescue!sex in an AU where Sonny's hot-tempered rescue tendencies don't get him killed, cunnilingus, any kind of fraught weird behind-closed-doors action.

- Sonny Corleone/Tom Hagen: I love these two so much! These guys are pretty opposite personality-wise but I love their bond and anything about their history together, especially Tom's uneasy in-the-family-but-not-blood-related position and the way his actual relationships to the Corleones have firmed that up over time. Go full AU or fill in some of what we know of them between their first meeting as kids and the timeframe of canon, I'd be happy to read it all.

Bonus porn prompts: anything with Sonny's dick in the picture has built-in size kink potential, but! Exhilarating bad idea sex where Tom knows it's not smart but the deal's too sweet to resist, sex behind the scenes at another family event, weird rueful tomorrow-morning-this-didn't-happen sex, affable brojobs.


The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

- Blondie/Tuco: I love these guys -- sometimes friends, sometimes enemies, sometimes partners in crime. I'd love to read about a time when they pulled off a con without a hitch (either the shooting-the-rope trick or something else) or about the screwed-up vendetta between them playing out in a more intimate way, whether before/during/after canon. Their volleying murder attempts are one of my favorite ship dynamics but you're by no means restricted to that. Blondie is clearly aware of Tuco's shortcomings and sadder moments (cf. them sharing a cigar after Tuco bullshitting about how much his brother loves him) but lets some of them slide -- when has that happened before? Has Tuco ever played that role for him? Them in a more peaceful moment, maybe. (Or a more violent one, hey. Any other ways that final climactic standoff could have ended?)

Bonus porn prompts: gunplay gunplay gunplay, nominally platonic choking heading into "don't look at my boner while we fight!" territory, sharing a bed/blanket leading to getting freaky, Blondie giving head, sex as part of an overly elaborate scam, gracious/lonely handjobs, genuinely destructive no-holds-barred hatefucking, sharing a bath ~with sexy consequences~.

- Blondie/Angel Eyes: Oh boy, I've never read this ship before but I'd love to. They're both pretty cool characters, and it seems possible they've even met before the film's events take place -- supposing they did, how did that go? An interlude during their canon-era cooperation or something else where their paths cross would be great. Bad dudes working together for their own ends is my bulletproof narrative kink, and Blondie (while nominally the Good) can clearly at least play that part in the service of his own goals, so anything with these two would be delicious for me.

Bonus porn prompts: pre-canon one night stands or intelligence-gathering sex, feeling out each other's proclivities both metaphorically or literally, scary dudes being scary in the sack, unsentimental fucking, getting a blowjob in the wilderness, gunplay once more, standoffs over who tops, idk.


Hail Caesar!

- Hobie Doyle/Carlotta Valdez: These two stole my heart. They're so genuine and goofy in an old-school studio setting that's often so contrived and artificial by design. Do they become a low-key power couple? Leave the motion picture industry together and start a ranch-slash-dancing school? (And are there any other things Hobie can do with rope?) Second dates, movie premieres gone off the rails, last-minute script doctoring, Carlotta branching out into choreography or her own career as a filmmaker -- you can keep rolling with the farce elements of the film or switch gears altogether, and I'll love it. (No dubcon/noncon with these two, please!)

Bonus porn prompts: playful bondage involving either of them, body worship, dressing room sex, having to shimmy out of fancy premiere gowns and costumes for a high-stakes time-sensitive roll in the hay, a fling in somebody else's fabulous beachside mansion.


Miller's Crossing

- Mink Larouie/Eddie Dane: Okay, so Mink being Eddie Dane's boy seems to be fairly well-known, at least among insiders, but it's definitely a tread-lightly thing among people in the know. How did they end up involved with each other? Is this the first time Mink has strayed? What do they see in each other? I'd love to read about any past noir misadventures for these two or a regular night around town, or a take on canon where Mink doesn't get shot in the face out in the woods and the fallout from that.

Bonus porn prompts: fucked-up possessive sex, disarmingly tender sex in unlikely locations, anything capitalizing on size kink, Mink being an absolute terror in bed, losing one's cool between the sheets (or anywhere else), the mysterious yet undeniable sexual charisma of Steve Buscemi.

- Mink Larouie/Bernie Bernbaum: What happened there? Bernie seems to have a pretty good read on Mink's weaknesses but also the ways in which he's useful -- how'd they meet and get involved? How did things transpire between them? (And to what degree did they transpire in the first place -- one-time thing or ongoing connection or a series of trysts?) Bernie has his moments of charm but he's also big-time bad news; to what degree did both of them realize they were stirring up more trouble? What's a typical racket like for these guys? How do their respective vices interact?

Bonus porn prompts: Cigarette burns, trading sex for drugs, clandestine deliberately-paranoia-inducing sex, the thrill of infidelity, guilty intimacy, surprise bedroom visitations in the middle of the night.

- Tom Reagan/Bernie Bernbaum: My rarest of rare pairs! However this has to go, with reluctant collaboration or showing up in each other's homes unannounced or more taunting telephone calls, Bernie is my fave unlikely femme fatale ("dude fatale", French for "Fatal Dude") and I love him and Tom's interplay of double-meaning and talk with flat-out violence. Tom's a pretty sensible person, but even a sensible person can lose their way now and then -- what happens if he gets entangled in all this workplace love and murder drama even deeper?

Bonus porn prompts: contemptuous sex, Tom's miserable alcoholic flop streak versus Bernie's taste for mind games, wary intimacy after one or both of them has had the shit kicked out of them, sexual extortion that goes both ways.

- Verna Bernbaum/Mink Larouie: Verna and Mink! Mink and Verna! This one is shamelessly just because they seem to spend time together offscreen (enough to win Tom's hat at cards, at least) and because it adds a whole other snarl to the already complex web of romantic relationships on display in this film. Friends with benefits? Mink proving to be a smooth talker as well as a fast talker? Verna taking pity on the poor guy? Noir-y bisexuals are a big part of my love of this fandom (poor Tom) so I'd be down for anything that ups the multiplicity of parallel schemes that makes this movie so great.

Bonus porn prompts: that fabulous robe/sheer bra combo of Verna's, fingering, deeply bad-idea sex, standing arrangements, their respective disastrous sexual histories only coming up while they're already getting down.


The Nice Guys (2016)

- March/Healy: Canon ends on a bittersweet note for these two in terms of their case, but also a promising one for my interests shipwise, so go nuts. First times, figuring out how the fuck to tell Holly, the curtainfic-equivalent for their private investigator business, undercover as a couple, AU where they're a couple of people in the porn industry solving the disappearance of a couple private detectives, anything and everything. I'm down for anything on the scale of strife to fluff, but for fluffy stuff I'd appreciate an element of humor given the tone of canon for these two. Brazening their way through a parent-teacher conference, picking up their lives after failing to blow the lid off an enormous conspiracy even when they did their best, road trips, etc. Or even something sad about these guys, given that Healy's got some stuff to work through and March has a drinking problem that can be seen from space.

Bonus porn prompts: Healy bottoming, all the sexual dysfunction, bathtub sex, sex at somebody else's house party/in a location where they could easily be photographed by someone with March's same skills, roleplaying as strangers, sloppy sad regrettable drunk!sex, messy blowjobs, rendezvouses in places that aren't either guy's actual house.


Twin Peaks

- Dale Cooper/Denise Bryson: I love these two! Obviously Dale's state of being is a little up in the air at the end of s2, but I would be very happy to read alternate takes on the events of s2 or anything involving earlier encounters.Both of them are federal agents -- how do you keep up a relationship when your respective lines of work necessitate a lot of travel and peril? Five times they saved each other's skins in the course of an investigation and one time they didn't need to? Denise's own adventures with Twin Peaks' supernatural happenings while Dale shows up in her dreams?

Bonus porny prompts: anything with uniforms, Dale's philosophy in the bedroom, glad-to-be-alive sex, body worship, pillow talk comparing past cases.