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Yuletide 2014 reveals!

Right off the bat: I had a fantastic time this Yuletide. Even if I hadn’t gotten anything at all it would have been pretty freaking sweet; it was super exhausting but incredibly motivating. Yuletide and adjacent activities this year got me into so many new fandoms, and let me revisit some older ones. It was awesome.

This year I received two fics, both of them fantastic, and I’m beyond pleased with both of them.

When The Lips And Skin Remember, by misslucyjane; Only Lovers Left Alive, 9.5k. My writer this year wrote me a beautiful, careful, and long fic set in an AU where Ian becomes a vampire rather than just getting snacked on, and how he ends up nestling into Adam and Eve’s household (which is to say, pretty damn well). I mentioned how much I loved all the chill down-time moments in the film with vampires just hanging out together, and asked for a little speculation about how vampirism itself works in this universe, where our principal leads even came from -- this writer delivered absolutely wonderfully on all these things and totally went above and beyond.

Per Verba Presenti, Duchess Of Malfi, by El Staplador; drabble-length. This one is pretty brief -- the Duchess considering her secret marriage and what it signifies -- but it’s absolutely lovely.

This year I wrote… a whole bunch of stuff, apparently, by my usual standards.

14th Century CE RPF

Hallowmas, Or Shortest Of Day, for angevin2; gen, 1.7k. Isabella of Valois encounters Anne of Bohemia’s ghost and they chat a bit.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Aubade, for Relia; Dave Bowman/HAL 9000, 4.7k. A fic in which people have boundary issues: in spaaaace.

(I also made a fanmix to go with this one, which you can download here and stream here.

Funny Games (2007)

live on wire, for Chianine; Peter/Paul, explicit PWP, 1.6k. The request was for Paul being a brute and Peter being a crybaby, so I went to town. Canon is its whole own warning here.

Hamlet/Henry IV Part 1 crossover

...To Their Graves Like Beds, for Navaan; gen, just about G-rated. Hamlet makes it to England and goes about trying to leverage the whole Danegeld situation a few hundred years too late; Hal thinks it’s a total scream.

Iliad - Homer

books and boys (they bring me so much joy), for caughtinanocean; Achilles/Patroclus, 4.5k. This is a mostly very silly and self-indulgent fic that is both a reincarnation AU and a Great Books college AU.

Kingdom Of Heaven

Continuitas, for fireinthedark; Baldwin IV/Saladin, 1.3k. Respectful opponents in politics become partners melancholy confidantes, in bed.

Leopold And Loeb RPF

o heart’s desire, for zeen; 1.7k. Everything is terrible, everything is grim.

The Mystery Of Edwin Drood

As We Bind, So May We Find, for notkingyet; light Bazzard/Grewgious, 2k. The circumstances under which Bazzard first divulges to his employer what, exactly, The Thorn Of Anxiety is about.

Only Lovers Left Alive

Funeral Music, for Lizardbeth; Adam/Eve, Mature, 2k. Adam dying and leaving Eve alone. It is clearly a very lighthearted festive holiday fic.

Tiny Detectives

fragile little flame, for aphrodite_mine; Detective played by Kate Mara/Detective Played By Ellen Page, 1.5k. One long riff on the True Detective finale but with petite lesbians and less soul-destroyingly sad.

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I love the fic you wrote me SO SO MUCH. It was sweet and sad and adorable (and the realistic kid!pov made me have a bit of a freakout when I realized that Isabella was only two years older than my best offline friend's older daughter when she got married, but that's not actually your fault!) and it made me cry. BECAUSE ANNE. <3

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<3333 It was really fun to write but I did panic a bit about exactly how tiny Isabella is/was at that point. (Both being worried I wouldn't manage to write convincing kid characters and generally being immensely psyched out by picturing a kid in that scenario -- poor kiddo, god.) I'm so glad you liked it, though, it was wonderful to get to write.

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Oh, she was an extremely convincing kid! Which is why I then had a bit of a meltdown about the fact that I totally fangirl over someone who married a seven-year-old. Even though he was going to wait for her to grow up first. *flail*