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news from the essay-writing trenches

I've got 15+ pages down all right. 15+ good pages, definitely not, so I emailed a draft to my supervisor and am waiting to hear back. *bites nails* With the way my brain is wired, doing anything other than write essay feels like I'm falling down on the job, even sleeping. Which unsurprisingly doesn't actually help my productivity at all, it just makes me feel totally guilt-wracked about normal aspects of writing.

Like clockwork I've written more Histories fic -- It's all pretty grim, though, 'to win thy after-love' (RSC-verse, Henry/Aumerle, serious consent issues, almost 2k) and a POV-swap remix of To Work And After, Holiday (also RSC-verse-ish, also warnings city). (At least one WIP I've got open is actually nice stuff for these characters, though, and that'll hopefully get posted some time this weekend. You can tell I feel weirdly guilty and in need of some variety.) Speaking of Histories, I need to get into the first tetralogy fast. Maybe once I have free time that's not spent being derangedly anxious. Time for incoming Wars of the Roses, maybe I can finally answer my dad's standing questions regarding what the hell Tudors are and where they come from. (Anything post-Byzantine Empire and pre-French Revolution is kind of a dim blur in terms of my formal education, on account of the school semesters devoted to those periods being pretty rough for a young Ska and memory failing, but it's cool stuff to learn on my own time and my dad's always

Yesterday was not great on the mental health front, so today is devoted to various internship-and-essay-related housekeeping tasks and lying in bed with the hugest bar of chocolate I have ever seen. (My roommate made a bunch of... s'more-based tarts? on sticks? for a campus bake sale and I woke up to seeing Roommate totally tanked out on top of the covers with heaps of freshly baked and fragrant baked goods chilling out all over every flat surface. It was pretty cool, the fact that I couldn't actually eat any of them notwithstanding.)

My music library's also been topped up -- I've had a pretty cool John Dowland transfusion and also the complete works of Queenadreena. Which is neat.

Also I... think one of my friends wants to hang out and do something some time? Which would be nice, he's a pretty cool dude I feel comfortable with and the worst thing that'll happen is a chance to work my magic touch re. people I go on dates with immediately getting back together with their significant others. He's a sweetheart and I'm going to have to learn how to flirt.

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Tudors are what happens when Henry V's widow runs off with a sexy Welsh retainer and then their grandkid marries one of John of Gaunt and Katherine Swynford's descendants!

Also, the first tetralogy is awesome. Not as good as the second, but it's amazing theater.

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What even are the Tudors seriously. /with your dad on this one