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beep beep springtime (and also Porn Battle writeups)

I've been absent a bit here for non-Porn Battle related stuff but now that it's over I finally have some time to breathe! A lot of prompts I'd hoped to see didn't materialize into fic, but there's always the possibility of more later additions and at least they're still kicking around for inspiration. (And some of them that I put out there are either WIPs that just weren't finished in time or have sparked their own plotbunnies for later use, with and without porn.) My final output this Porn Battle is as follows -- caveat that as usual a few of these have warnings attached/additional content notes for rough stuff.

Corona Borealis (Greek mythology, Ariadne/Dionysus/bacchanal bystanders; prompts "bacchanalia" and "pure".)
Pray, Pray, Pray (Bright Star, Fanny/Keats; prompts "freedom", "garden", and "gingerly".)
Eye To Eye And Nose To Nose (Henry IV Part 2, Hal/Poins, prompt "matched".)
Vermilion (ASOIAF, Roose Bolton/Ramsay Bolton, prompt "garnet".)
Between The Cheats (Luther/BBC!Sherlock crossover, Alice Morgan/Jim Moriarty, prompts "femdom" and "exceptions". This is actually two shorts, I cheated.)
A Kind Of Nothing (Coriolanus, Aufidius/Martius, prompt "complications".)
Low (Always Crashing In The Same Car, Bill/Jim, prompts "blowjob"/"kneeling" and "blackmail". )
Me Of Thee Defeated (Hamlet, Hamlet/Horatio, prompts "Latin" and "university".)

Pretty much all of these need a rating reassessment something fierce though -- they're not the most explicit stuff I've ever written but I felt obliged to indicate they were porn somehow since somehow I ended up with people who actually know me and live in my dorm having an AO3 subscription to me.

In French we're coming to the end of our Phedre translation as we approach spring break; I've been having a great deal of fun, so I'll be sad to see it go, but I'm excited to do more prose and other lyric poetry. In seminar we're finally coming to the end of Critique Of Pure Reason; it's been a fantastic read, but very protracted and dense. On top of that, I've finally up and submitted my essay proposal for junior year! Paradise Lost, predictably, but that's a considerably less massive book to carry around than Institutes Of The Christian Religion and I can also easily reference the text online. (Given that I am kind of disorganized about citations this helps a lot.)

In further "Ska is a rotten undergrad" news: 4/5 of my appplication to the summer internship I'm aiming for has been submitted, leaving only the 1/5 that's out of my control entirely and at somebody else's discretion to send in. I'm glad it's behind be and I learned a lot from the experence of putting it together, but now I've just got to wait and try to keep my anxiety in line.

The weather out here is slowly improving from horrifyingly snowy to disappointingly rainy, but that's a step in the right direction, at least, and the sky's very beautiful. Spring's coming eventually, kind of, and I'm excited to head home for an even snowier but much more food-filled break at home.

Reading-wise, the bunker discovered To Be Or Not To Be: That Is The Adventure and I've got that on my Kindle now; the Kindle interface is a little buggy and not being able to physically hold my place to flip back to if I want to make another choice from the same juncture is somewhat frustrating. At our local bookstore I picked up a copy of A.S. Byatt's Possession, but it's not grabbing me so far, so I'm burying myself in plays apparently. I finished The Revenge Of Bussy D'Ambois and I'm backtracking to read the first Bussy D'Ambois (along with Marlowe's Massacre At Paris because apparently I hate myself) and I'm also picking away at The Changeling. I've still got the Variorum Richard II out from the library and I'm going over all its annotations; some of them are a little weird (the point where they chipperly suggest comparing the sunne-in-splendour motif to a swastika, for one, wtf) but it's so nice to go over this text slowly and with quite involved commentary.

In other Shakespeare news, on Friday I'm road-tripping to DC with friends to see a broadcast of the Donmar Coriolanus! It looks like a ton of fun ahead of us, but my big concerns at this point are: a) where on earth we'll eat in DC, since we'll be making a day of it, we're cheap students and 2/3 of us are picky eaters; b) if we'll be embarrassingly underdressed or overdressed as is our custom (see again Ska Is A Collegey Jackass); c) if the abrupt dubsteppy scene transitions will bug Mermaid, since she and I both have AUGH SURPRISE LOUD NOISE issues. The friends in question are good company, though, and we haven't been to DC since I came out here so it's as good a time as any.