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february is a spooky month

Spring is... kinda sorta here? It snowed again today, but it was only a little dusting of snow, so it doesn't count.

Porn Battle is in full swing for me, but alas, everything I'm writing is a little grim. I have a few cuter/more positive fics in progress, but the fluffiest things I have posted so far are Hamlet fic and two rotten villains having kinky funtimes, so my fun-dar might be skewed. Something not plastered in content notes would be a good first step, I think.

Me Of Thee Defeated, 721 words, Hamlet, Horatio/trans!Hamlet, oral sex and Latin.

Low, 1143 words, Always Crashing In The Same Car, Bill/Jim, oral sex and blackmail.

A Kind Of Nothing, 846 words, Coriolanus, Aufidius/Caius Martius, Roman sex hangups and manly grappling (which makes kind of a hilarious counterpoint to the Greco-Roman lovefest in Me Of Thee Defeated).

Between The Cheats, 1051 words, BBC Sherlock/Luther crossover, Jim Moriarty/Alice Morgan being consensually dreadful to each other.

Vermilion, 1178 words, ASOIAF, Ramsay Bolton/Roose Bolton, Ramsay having a bit of a reverie about nice clothes and Roose being a little bit like Jean-Baptiste Grenouille. (This fic is the newest and firmly in *HOMER SIMPSON COLLAR TUG* territory for me, and I wrote the damn thing.)

School-wise, things are going along well, I think -- we're on our sixth Kant seminar out of nine, and while I'm enjoying it passably well and feeling moderately participatory for our philosophy discussions it's been hard to keep up in class while sick and I sort of accidentally came off to both my tutors like I was dying. (Poor phrasing happened to me.) My cough is improving and with luck will be gone by Valentine's Day -- which is nice, because I might have a date! (But then again, I might not. Drag Ball was this weekend, with very little time to prepare; I was a sort of intergalactic Kit Marlowe pirate in a coat I borrowed from a friend and am secretly hoping I won't have to give back. Like every year, it was missing the point of drag anything immensely by basically being any other Reality party in all other respects, but we had our own after-party dancing in the basement common room to various anthemic accompaniments and that was nice.) I can finally access the application for the internship I'm gunning for; this requires transcribing some Civil War-era legal documents, which has been a fun learning experience on one level and also deeply infuriating and upsetting on another.

(On a couple of other levels this has been a rocky few weeks, but I've been getting a lot of work done and trying to read a lot.)
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Intergalactic pirate Kit doth surely rock!