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Trick Or Treat 2017

Treat likes:
- domesticity scenes, even in less-than-domestic situations!
- mutual caretaking and h/c
- characters learning new skills or new things (about each other, their environment, their powers, etc.)
- monsters! werewolves, vampires, ghosts, revenants, mummies, etc.
- noir AUs or any kind of genre-based AU
- road trips
- drug use as bonding
- character studies and introspection
- worldbuilding
- PWP, post-intimacy pillow talk, any kind of relationship vignette
- enemies-to-lovers or rivals-to-lovers

Trick likes:
- "came back wrong" -- undead revenants, hauntings, or just straight-up coming back from the dead or a near-miss with death leaving the person or people significantly altered
- cannibalism! grody vampires, wendigo myths
- serial killers (the fictional kind rather than true crime RPF)
- AIs and robots
- ghosts
- major character death
- dubcon and noncon
- nightmares and dreams (with or without supernatural dream invasion)
- necromancy, magic, and bad vibes
- enemies who stay enemies or mistrustful for the duration of their conjunction
- dysfunctional relationships

A lot of these canons deal in some way with gnarly subject matter and I'm fine with any level of darkness with those canon elements. I like unhappy endings, fix-it fics, and anything in between.

DNWs: self-harm, eating disorders, child sexual abuse, unrequested incest. I'd rather not receive explicit fic involving characters under 16. For general dislikes, I don't care for unrequested teacher/student ships, generic modern-day AUs, characters overhearing each other masturbating or having sex, "kissing practice"-type tropes, omegaverse AUs, urban fantasy werewolf tropes like packs and alphas, zombie apocalypses or apocalypse fic in general, noncon where the victim starts wanting it and consenting to it partway through.


The Dark Tower - Stephen King

Relationships: I love this canon and ship everybody with everybody, basically, though I'd prefer nothing explicit with canon-age Jake. Roland/Man in Black is my biggest ship for that guy, but the man in black is also my terrible, terrible little black dress and I ship him with everybody.

Jake Chambers

- Something nice happens to Jake! Any time, anywhere, I'm not picky, I just feel bad for this doomed kid. Him getting to have age-appropriate friend fun in Calla Bryn Sturgis, for instance, or bonding with the ka-tet.
- Jake and Oy bonding
- Scenes of Jake getting the kind of gunslinger training Eddie and Susannah got -- a mini training montage!
- Jake having good times with Benny Slightman in Calla Bryn Sturgis
- fic about Jake's slight psychic powers, either in Mid-World or his own life before Roland (or after Roland post-death)
- Other possible timelines with other possible Jake deaths.
- depressing emotionally-confused Roland&Jake smarm
- Jake processing some of the shit that happens with Gasher and co.
- Came Back Wrong fic -- either exploring his canonical dissonance after Roland lets him fall, or zombie!Jake, or ghost!Jake haunting the shit out of Roland or Susannah, etc.

The Man in Black

- Man in Black backstory fic -- from running away from home to wandering several levels of existence making things worse
- fucked up stuff with Maerlyn's various orbs
- creepy Walter/Roland dream visitations
- more about that time Marten crashes Gabrielle's attempt at penance and piety to seduce her
- messing with Roland's ka-tet in whatever ways he sees fit
- extended version of his and Roland's palaver at the end of The Gunslinger, once more with banging
- wizard stuff -- freaky tarot or shapeshifting or MESSING AROUND WITH POISONS -- or drifter stuff drawing on his weird by-way-of-the-70s inspiration
- Marten/Steven/Gabrielle mindfucky threesomes (with or without "hey Roland I fucked your dad" coda)
- Walter appearing to people as exactly the dead person they least want to see, the way he seems to do in Wizard and Glass
- semi-voluntary Mordred babysitting (that may or may not end up with him getting eaten)


True Detective

Rust Cohle

Relationships: I love Rust/Marty, Rust/Maggie, Crash/Ginger, and Rust/Errol Childress. (Hey, worth a shot.)

- postcanon recovery fic -- Rust having to go back to the hospital or at least back to a doctor, dude got stabbed! getting some appreciation in the 2012 timeline for blowing the lid off a massive abuse coverup!
- fic about Rust's independent research (microfiche browsing! independent reading about criminal psychology! paperwork! getting familiar with the internet!)
- perils of Rust living with 2012 bachelor Marty (happy domestic stuff or frustrating tense trauma shit or haunted-house stuff)
- absolutely anything set during Rust's Crash days (him and Ginger as werewolves? him and Ginger getting embroiled in creepy crimes?)
- something where Rust never makes it out of Carcosa, literally or metaphorically
- Rust bonding with Marty's daughters or catching up in 2012 with Johnny Joanie
- Fic where Rust is a serial killer -- with or without Marty as a partner
- Rust sees ghosts and is really pissed off about it
- fic about Rust's time in psychiatric care after the shoot-out in Texas
- vanishing hitchhikers and spooky drifters (either Rust encountering them or Rust being one)


Ex Machina (2015)

Nathan Bateman

Relationships: I love Nathan/Caleb, Nathan/Ava in a creepy paternal way, and anything dealing with his messed up proprietary relationship to his various creations.

- Nathan getting his ass handed to him by his own creations -- either another version of Ava and Kyoko's revenge, or the robot remains he's hoarded coming to life, or something like that
- BLUEBEARD IMAGERY (with or without Nathan/Caleb leadup)
- a role-reversal where Caleb is the CEO and Nathan is the low-ranking tech bro (Caleb can be the evil -- eviller? -- one in this AU, or not)
- Gilded Age architect/thinly veiled Stanford White AU
- Nathan being held captive by one of his own AIs -- creepy smart house? Kyoko one-upping him at every turn?
- something where Nathan is a regular ol' serial killer rather than a fancy robot serial killer
- weird self-enhancing self-surgery or Nathan trying to repair himself after Ava&Kyoko stab the shit out of him
- film noir AU -- Ava's a femme fatale for a good cause, but what's Nathan in this equation? (Alternately: Gilda AU.)


L.A. Confidential (1997)

Ed Exley

Relationships: I love Bud/Ed and Exley/Vincennes, but I'm down for any ship you can cook up here.

- Ed solves a case in a genuinely decent way and nobody gets shot or framed for anything
- Ed spending quality time with any of his partners in canon -- a fix-it where Vincennes doesn't die and they hit it off, or a reunion with Bud, or touching base with Lynn, or re-encountering Inez once she's had a chance to heal a little
- five times Ed Exley was really good at interrogating people and one time it got really out of hand
- Ed tracking down a serial killer and getting massively mind whammied in the process
- Ravenous AU (listen, I love Guy Pearce, and I love doomed traumatized cannibals)
- inspired by the Dream-A-Dreamland blatant Disney expy stuff in the book: ED EXLEY VS. HAUNTED THEME PARKS
- Ed confronting dark family secrets (or failing to confront them)
- My secret love with this canon is Ed trying to do the right thing for not-very-lofty reasons -- "you're all going in my report!" doesn't stem from strong humanitarian ideals as much as him being really uptight as well as ambitious -- but I'd love him stumbling into doing the decent thing for once.


The Lost Boys

(any --David, Dwayne, Marko, Michael, Sam, Star)

Relationships: I ship David/Michael, Michael/David/Star, and any combo of vampire gang members at any given time.

- BOARDWALK HIJINKS (ear piercings, dirtbike races, brawls and feuds, getting gussied up for a night out, dirtbaggy entertainment)
- dream sequences and weird visions
- Sam getting recruited to the vampire gang alongside or instead of Michael; hijinks ensue
- backstory fic for any of David's gang members
- OT3 fic, either above-board and agreed-upon or barely realized and repressed and weird, between David/Michael/Star
- alternate-ending/bad ending fic where Max is triumphant -- what next?
- genderswap -- I've gotten some awesome all-girls fic about David's gang but I can't get enough of that, or just something where Michael and Sam are sisters
- dirtybadwrong vampire gang action
- how alien are the Lost Boys universe's vampires anyway? Anything exploring their powers and abilities, and what this passel of hapless teenagers are going to do with them.

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