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Right off the bat: I had a fantastic time this Yuletide. Even if I hadn’t gotten anything at all it would have been pretty freaking sweet; it was super exhausting but incredibly motivating. Yuletide and adjacent activities this year got me into so many new fandoms, and let me revisit some older ones. It was awesome.

This year I received two fics, both of them fantastic, and I’m beyond pleased with both of them.

When The Lips And Skin Remember, by misslucyjane; Only Lovers Left Alive, 9.5k. My writer this year wrote me a beautiful, careful, and long fic set in an AU where Ian becomes a vampire rather than just getting snacked on, and how he ends up nestling into Adam and Eve’s household (which is to say, pretty damn well). I mentioned how much I loved all the chill down-time moments in the film with vampires just hanging out together, and asked for a little speculation about how vampirism itself works in this universe, where our principal leads even came from -- this writer delivered absolutely wonderfully on all these things and totally went above and beyond.

Per Verba Presenti, Duchess Of Malfi, by El Staplador; drabble-length. This one is pretty brief -- the Duchess considering her secret marriage and what it signifies -- but it’s absolutely lovely.

This year I wrote… a whole bunch of stuff, apparently, by my usual standards.

Fandoms: 14th Century CE RPF; 2001: A Space Odyssey; Funny Games (2007); Shakespeare (Henry IV&Hamlet); Iliad - Homer; Kingdom Of Heaven; Leopold And Loeb RPF (Historical Criminals RPF); Mystery Of Edwin Drood; Only Lovers Left Alive; Tiny Detectives )
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I've got 15+ pages down all right. 15+ good pages, definitely not, so I emailed a draft to my supervisor and am waiting to hear back. *bites nails* With the way my brain is wired, doing anything other than write essay feels like I'm falling down on the job, even sleeping. Which unsurprisingly doesn't actually help my productivity at all, it just makes me feel totally guilt-wracked about normal aspects of writing.

Like clockwork I've written more Histories fic -- It's all pretty grim, though, 'to win thy after-love' (RSC-verse, Henry/Aumerle, serious consent issues, almost 2k) and a POV-swap remix of To Work And After, Holiday (also RSC-verse-ish, also warnings city). (At least one WIP I've got open is actually nice stuff for these characters, though, and that'll hopefully get posted some time this weekend. You can tell I feel weirdly guilty and in need of some variety.) Speaking of Histories, I need to get into the first tetralogy fast. Maybe once I have free time that's not spent being derangedly anxious. Time for incoming Wars of the Roses, maybe I can finally answer my dad's standing questions regarding what the hell Tudors are and where they come from. (Anything post-Byzantine Empire and pre-French Revolution is kind of a dim blur in terms of my formal education, on account of the school semesters devoted to those periods being pretty rough for a young Ska and memory failing, but it's cool stuff to learn on my own time and my dad's always

Yesterday was not great on the mental health front, so today is devoted to various internship-and-essay-related housekeeping tasks and lying in bed with the hugest bar of chocolate I have ever seen. (My roommate made a bunch of... s'more-based tarts? on sticks? for a campus bake sale and I woke up to seeing Roommate totally tanked out on top of the covers with heaps of freshly baked and fragrant baked goods chilling out all over every flat surface. It was pretty cool, the fact that I couldn't actually eat any of them notwithstanding.)

My music library's also been topped up -- I've had a pretty cool John Dowland transfusion and also the complete works of Queenadreena. Which is neat.

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Mar. 12th, 2014 11:46 pm
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For some reason, AO3 won't let me re-tag one of these fics. Which is really very frustrating, because I've gone and cleared up a bunch of my previous relationship-type tagging to be more lucid and/or honest, and this one's the straggler. A whole bunch of my fics probably need retagging/recategorizing/re-rating, but I'm in kind of a blue frame of mind and I'd rather not hunt through and end up unwisely orphaning things or whatever.
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I've been absent a bit here for non-Porn Battle related stuff but now that it's over I finally have some time to breathe! A lot of prompts I'd hoped to see didn't materialize into fic, but there's always the possibility of more later additions and at least they're still kicking around for inspiration. (And some of them that I put out there are either WIPs that just weren't finished in time or have sparked their own plotbunnies for later use, with and without porn.) My final output this Porn Battle is as follows -- caveat that as usual a few of these have warnings attached/additional content notes for rough stuff.

Corona Borealis (Greek mythology, Ariadne/Dionysus/bacchanal bystanders; prompts "bacchanalia" and "pure".)
Pray, Pray, Pray (Bright Star, Fanny/Keats; prompts "freedom", "garden", and "gingerly".)
Eye To Eye And Nose To Nose (Henry IV Part 2, Hal/Poins, prompt "matched".)
Vermilion (ASOIAF, Roose Bolton/Ramsay Bolton, prompt "garnet".)
Between The Cheats (Luther/BBC!Sherlock crossover, Alice Morgan/Jim Moriarty, prompts "femdom" and "exceptions". This is actually two shorts, I cheated.)
A Kind Of Nothing (Coriolanus, Aufidius/Martius, prompt "complications".)
Low (Always Crashing In The Same Car, Bill/Jim, prompts "blowjob"/"kneeling" and "blackmail". )
Me Of Thee Defeated (Hamlet, Hamlet/Horatio, prompts "Latin" and "university".)

Pretty much all of these need a rating reassessment something fierce though -- they're not the most explicit stuff I've ever written but I felt obliged to indicate they were porn somehow since somehow I ended up with people who actually know me and live in my dorm having an AO3 subscription to me.

classes/college talk! nothing too dire )

The weather out here is slowly improving from horrifyingly snowy to disappointingly rainy, but that's a step in the right direction, at least, and the sky's very beautiful. Spring's coming eventually, kind of, and I'm excited to head home for an even snowier but much more food-filled break at home.

Reading-wise, the bunker discovered To Be Or Not To Be: That Is The Adventure and I've got that on my Kindle now; the Kindle interface is a little buggy and not being able to physically hold my place to flip back to if I want to make another choice from the same juncture is somewhat frustrating. At our local bookstore I picked up a copy of A.S. Byatt's Possession, but it's not grabbing me so far, so I'm burying myself in plays apparently. I finished The Revenge Of Bussy D'Ambois and I'm backtracking to read the first Bussy D'Ambois (along with Marlowe's Massacre At Paris because apparently I hate myself) and I'm also picking away at The Changeling. I've still got the Variorum Richard II out from the library and I'm going over all its annotations; some of them are a little weird (the point where they chipperly suggest comparing the sunne-in-splendour motif to a swastika, for one, wtf) but it's so nice to go over this text slowly and with quite involved commentary.

In other Shakespeare news, on Friday I'm road-tripping to DC with friends to see a broadcast of the Donmar Coriolanus! It looks like a ton of fun ahead of us, but my big concerns at this point are: a) where on earth we'll eat in DC, since we'll be making a day of it, we're cheap students and 2/3 of us are picky eaters; b) if we'll be embarrassingly underdressed or overdressed as is our custom (see again Ska Is A Collegey Jackass); c) if the abrupt dubsteppy scene transitions will bug Mermaid, since she and I both have AUGH SURPRISE LOUD NOISE issues. The friends in question are good company, though, and we haven't been to DC since I came out here so it's as good a time as any.
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Spring is... kinda sorta here? It snowed again today, but it was only a little dusting of snow, so it doesn't count.

Porn Battle is in full swing for me, but alas, everything I'm writing is a little grim. I have a few cuter/more positive fics in progress, but the fluffiest things I have posted so far are Hamlet fic and two rotten villains having kinky funtimes, so my fun-dar might be skewed. Something not plastered in content notes would be a good first step, I think.

So far, to wit: )

School-wise, things are going along well, I think -- we're on our sixth Kant seminar out of nine, and while I'm enjoying it passably well and feeling moderately participatory for our philosophy discussions it's been hard to keep up in class while sick and I sort of accidentally came off to both my tutors like I was dying. (Poor phrasing happened to me.) My cough is improving and with luck will be gone by Valentine's Day -- which is nice, because I might have a date! (But then again, I might not. Drag Ball was this weekend, with very little time to prepare; I was a sort of intergalactic Kit Marlowe pirate in a coat I borrowed from a friend and am secretly hoping I won't have to give back. Like every year, it was missing the point of drag anything immensely by basically being any other Reality party in all other respects, but we had our own after-party dancing in the basement common room to various anthemic accompaniments and that was nice.) I can finally access the application for the internship I'm gunning for; this requires transcribing some Civil War-era legal documents, which has been a fun learning experience on one level and also deeply infuriating and upsetting on another.

(On a couple of other levels this has been a rocky few weeks, but I've been getting a lot of work done and trying to read a lot.)
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mostly school stuff in here and finances talk, some of it a bit sad, cut to save my flist! )

Finally made it to S2 of Luther -- it's still more hard than I can quite handle. I like Jenny a lot, and the character of Toby really makes me wish David Dawson would get to play someone decent -- Toby's like an evil Tom Hiddleston, rubbing cocaine on his gums and horribly mistreating women and having an ingratiating little laugh, and while Dawson's performance is very good it is also powerfully unpleasant. In addition to more narrative-level problems, that show really rattles me in general in a way most crime dramas don't, which is pretty cool from a directing POV but not so good for me as an individual.

Writing-wise, I wrote Duchess Of Malfi fic to get that out of my brain and am writing more (though not more Ferdinand fic -- see notes on David Dawson, powerful unpleasantness. etc.) Gothic Horror AU is still coming along very gradually, and I've made exactly two lines' headway on the fic for Noel Coward's The Vortex I had taken upon myself to do, which... oof. Porn Battle is also a thing I mean to do, which is hopefully going to be super fun -- they will know me by my weirdly specific word associations.
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Laptop problems have mysteriously resolved themselves! (Okay, not mysteriously, my warranty's still good so I took it to the Apple Store and it got a checkup and its insides vacuumed out.) I'm very relieved, but in my 5 AM backup panic I deleted a not-insubstantial chunk of my TV show library to clear up space, and... well, at least I don't rewatch S1 of Boardwalk Empire too often?

Writing-wise, I've taken a big plunge back into Sherlock fic, semi-unfortunately -- it's fun to write, but all the people I normally gripe about writing with are unlikely to appreciate my ~authorial struggles~ re. doofy AU stuff. Histories!fic is still happening, and I've got another Faustus fic sort of in a fetal stage, with less sad dubcon but also less sad lute-playing, so it's breaking about even. (It also has an OC, kind of, so idk how I'll pull it off.)

My rice cooker ought to be coming in the mail soon! I plan to teach a bunch of people how to make fried rice.
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My break has been massively productive in the weirdest ways! I've been very busy with family stuff, and I'm slowly disappearing under a heap of books I'm reading (or should be reading -- I am so sorry, Middlemarch, I am making insufficient headway on you) but I've gotten a lot of writing done. In addition to reveals stuff, I wrote the fic where Poins kills a dude and the one where RSC!Bolingbroke is horrible and there's scads of corpses.

For what I'm working on, and for a total change of pace, I'm writing Raffles fic for the first time in my mortal life! I don't know how good I'll be at it, but it's fun. I'm also writing baby's first not-depressing Skyfall fic -- well, it may be depressing in the end, but it's cute date night stuff as opposed to grim dubcon. It's also Tanner/Q, which makes me paranoid someone will accuse me of just being here for Rory Kinnear, but at the same time Rory Kinnear is lovely enough that I don't mind, and more importantly it's not grim dubcon.

Today I also got to introduce my parents to Steeleye Span (well, my mother; my dad lit up with recognition, which is hilarious because he's the least into my musical tastes of anyone in this household) and am waiting for the butter to soften for this banana bread. Which is hard, because this house is cold as balls. It was nine below last night, which was conducive to Lord of the Rings marathons but to fuck-all else.
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I'm saving these bad boys for posterity over here; I think this meme might be a bit too much for Tumblr's character limits but I liked doing it!

Pick any passage of 500 words or less from any fanfic I’ve written, and stick that selection in my ask/fan mail. I will then give you the equivalent of a DVD commentary on that snippet: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what’s going on in the character’s heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the fic, lots of awful puns, and anything else that you’d expect to find on a DVD commentary track. (link to the Tumblr post)

(It goes without saying, if you'd like to request a similar bit of commentary on a fic passage here or on Tumblr you can comment or send me an ask!)

Hal sent me a big swath of Neurotic Virtuosi (Harry Potter/Hannibal Rising crossover, content warnings for fantasized torture, Nazism, Tom Riddle being a shitty tourist, skeeviness)
The boy in the train compartment is a Muggle. They likely don't even speak the same languages. This suits Tom's purposes beautifully. )

Forthegothicheroine and Chthonic-Cassandra both sent me a snip of A Thousand Times (Dracula fic, content warnings for trauma and trauma recovery)
Mina brushes out her hair before the mirror... )
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Most of my Yuletide fics involve parents and/or children. It's been a preoccupying year.

I had a very nice museum trip with Sister the Eldest and a friend today, and at home we decorated the tree; I'm totally beat, and doing some Yuletide writing in the (blinky) light of our finished creation while mom's on the other side of the parlor working away on her Nanowrimo. (She keeps asking me for consultation on particular word choices, and I'm the last person anyone should ever ask about idioms and stuff -- I'll always tell you to describe things as "pouring" or being lost in other things and idk how that'll work out in contexts other than weird porn.)

In non-YT writing, I posted two fics, both for Richard II -- "Faded And Were All Undone", the first installment of the Henry IV/Richard II awful married!verse, and "A Dear Account", which is Richard II/Thomas Mowbray breathplay. The next installment of the Married!verse will have actual plot, which will be nice, but hopefully I can get some writing in over break.

In non-fic-altogether writing, I think I may have finished that awful Leibniz essay, though it was like pulling teeth and could still probably use some diagrams to pinpoint what, exactly, the hell I was talking about. Preceptorial's drawing to a close with Henry V (I watched the KBranagh version with my dad on Thanksgiving day, it's apparently one of his favorite films and it's made me fucking unbearable to be around because my head is full of Henriad thoughts still) and there's a smidge less than two weeks of classes before I am home again, home again, jiggity jog and won't have to do any more fucking flying until January. Which financially is going to be a vast pain in the ass, but I can wrangle it, I guess.

(I also hacked out a Hal&Poins&Falstaff-ish 8tracks mix, but it's rotten and I want to overhaul it.)
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Long Weekend is upon us! Planning gifts for friends and watching a lot of movies of variable quality; we're about halfway through our Gankutsuou rewatch and I forgot a) how formative that show was in terms of tropes I jam on, and b) how fucking weird that storyline is when viewed from underneath, so to speak. Also how much I love ambiguously vampiric fuckups. (We also finished watching the '31 Dracula, which... retroactively shed a lot of light on Astolat's excellent fic A Mind Overborne (god, I'm so embarrassed) and was interesting, if not fully satisfying to my needs as a Dracula adaptation. There's some strange shuffling of character roles (helloooo, Renfield-Jonathan hybridization! also conspicuously minimal Lucy! also a notable absence of Quincey, though I'm not a big Quincey stan) and narrative compression due to its nature as an adaptation of an adaptation and talk about weird. Finally saw No Country For Old Men also.

Miserable Medieval Marrieds has a title and is a bit more polished, but still isn't cohesive or anywhere near finished. I don't know if I should publish this first scene separately or wait however long it takes for it to grow more scenes and a plot; I've kept Mardia waiting long enough in either case.

behind the cut, mental health talk; talking about alcohol and general navelgazing )
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In somewhat happier news, I've got a few more plays written, am working out how to podfic, have laundry in the dryer right now and have made my entry into the wild world of actual essays concerning Queer Theory. It's definitely going over my head mostly and if I have to read the word "homosocial" again I'll cry, but it's very diverting. (Also flashing back to last year's Chaucer. Whee!)

I'm also writing a lab report on our Galileo shenanigans and hung-over teen king adventures. (Separately, idk, maybe he and his buds can drop heavy objects off of things from varying heights at 3 in the morning while John of Gaunt's trying to get beauty sleep.) This is the culmination of all my endeavors.
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Somehow, one way or another, I'll get actual content back on here.

I'm delaying packing for heading back east by watching The Thick Of It at Kate's with Mardia (putting off writing fic for her, too, but when am I not) and I'm frankly a little terrified by this array of flushed hobbity-looking dudes and appealingly long teeth. It's an embarrassment of dude riches. If you like belligerent men slapping things, which I apparently do sometimes.

things I'm writing:

- more Miserable Medieval Marrieds. (The more I write this, the more my brain goes into crackfic freefall and starts spitting out ideas for the Swan Princess AU where Bolingbroke's a Don Bluth-y swan by day or more of the unsolicited modern day office AU, which has definitely Been Done.)

- some Pacific Rim things (people want a sequel to The One With The Noncon, huh)

- some plays for TML when I get back on campus -- hoooopefully this year will be a bit less of a shitshow. (One of these is the Falstaff-and-Snapchats one, and that's the whole thing, right there.)

- still making more of "One More Rung". (Charles and Camilla exist, right? They're the stragglers here, I've already got the shortfic for Julian's lightbulb moment written out.)

And I opted to celebrate the cancellation of Demon Knights with a fic about Sir Ystin, Reluctant Vampire Dark Lord. Which is kind of fun?

But yeah, school, exciting -- it's like 85 degrees over there and I've got to get all my super suspicious personal belongings unpacked before anyone can rustle through it. Deeeefinitely not entirely finished with the assigned reading, but I'll be on campus for about a week before actual class begins, with plenty of time to agonize over fart jokes and cry.
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School's out! I'm hard at work (which is devouring most of my time), listening to a lot of music and generally doing really well. I signed up for [community profile] hc_bingo, which will hopefully kick my writing butt in gear (prompts and challenges tend to get my juices flowing).

Right now I'm reading:
- a bio of Lucrezia Borgia, which for the life of me I cannot recall the author of at this time. Which is just as well, because I can't find it to finish it, bother. But I'm loving the historical Lucrezia, and it's inspiring me to write... well, not a sequel but kind of a prequel to Recommend Thyself To God that's just about Persinette. Golden hair and overprotective caretakers and all that.

- "A Bloodsmoor Romance" by Joyce Carroll Oates. To be totally honest I had no idea what to expect from this book when I picked it up for a quarter at the library. The historical style it's written in is... accurately replicated, that is, dense and wordy as all get out, but as it is I'm liking it a great deal.

-the Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky, translated by Kyril FitzLyon. It's also tough to get through, but in a different way -- it is dense, confused, and extremely moving, but it illustrates its author's mental state so rawly and vividly that it's extremely painful as well.
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That day, Tybalt was amazed to discover that when Mercutio said "I'm going to cut out your heart, roast it and throw it to the dogs", what he meant was "I love you."

NaNo begins on Monday! Gotta get my rear in gear, but just the thought of having a Deadline has already gotten my creative juices flowing. Not being able to use them immediately is the tough part, though. We shall see what actually gets written.

And happy Halloween, y'all. <3
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So. Uh. Huh. I still feel nebulously shitty, and this probably could have gone in the other post, but screw that, my precious gems, you know you want some memefic. Reposted off mine dA:

Already did this one on my LJ, but pish-tosh (and [ profile] tea_in_cups joined me in this endeavor!)

1. Write down the names of 10 characters.
2. Write a fic of fifty words or less for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

1. Edward Cullen
2. The Rake (Hazards Of Love)
3. Vardalek
4. Herbert von Krolock
5. The Corinthian (Sandman)
6. Reiting
7. Jonathan Harker
8. Caenis/Caeneus (as in, the Greek mythological figure)
9. Johan Liebert
10. Beppo (Gankutsuou)

Read more... )


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