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Most of my Yuletide fics involve parents and/or children. It's been a preoccupying year.

I had a very nice museum trip with Sister the Eldest and a friend today, and at home we decorated the tree; I'm totally beat, and doing some Yuletide writing in the (blinky) light of our finished creation while mom's on the other side of the parlor working away on her Nanowrimo. (She keeps asking me for consultation on particular word choices, and I'm the last person anyone should ever ask about idioms and stuff -- I'll always tell you to describe things as "pouring" or being lost in other things and idk how that'll work out in contexts other than weird porn.)

In non-YT writing, I posted two fics, both for Richard II -- "Faded And Were All Undone", the first installment of the Henry IV/Richard II awful married!verse, and "A Dear Account", which is Richard II/Thomas Mowbray breathplay. The next installment of the Married!verse will have actual plot, which will be nice, but hopefully I can get some writing in over break.

In non-fic-altogether writing, I think I may have finished that awful Leibniz essay, though it was like pulling teeth and could still probably use some diagrams to pinpoint what, exactly, the hell I was talking about. Preceptorial's drawing to a close with Henry V (I watched the KBranagh version with my dad on Thanksgiving day, it's apparently one of his favorite films and it's made me fucking unbearable to be around because my head is full of Henriad thoughts still) and there's a smidge less than two weeks of classes before I am home again, home again, jiggity jog and won't have to do any more fucking flying until January. Which financially is going to be a vast pain in the ass, but I can wrangle it, I guess.

(I also hacked out a Hal&Poins&Falstaff-ish 8tracks mix, but it's rotten and I want to overhaul it.)


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