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Spring break in Minnesota is a little lacking on the beaches-and-gross-drinks front, but I've made okay headway on this annual essay and (more importantly) had the opportunity to go through my bookshelf and pick out new stuff to take back with me. I'd totally forgotten some of the stuff I owned (A Rebours, for instance, what the hell) and now we're equipped again for a Brideshead Revisited miniseries marathon if I can round up enough people. (The last time I watched that at home my dad ended up wandering through and wandering out muttering about how he had no idea there were so many homosexuals in it, so, yeah.)

In actually kind of significant personal news -- I got my hair cut. I do a lot of awkward anxious hand-wringing about presentation and what's acceptable at school vs. what's acceptable at home, and especially as regards stuff that I can't change in a hurry it's stressful, but my parents are gradually coming to terms with the back/sides of my head being buzzed. Braced for inevitable Hermann Gottlieb comments once I get to campus, but Hermann looks great, so to hell with that. (Also, glasses. I got glasses and I look smashing; going to movies and art galleries is going to be a pretty different experience now, I'm guessing.)

For classes right now I'm reading Pride And Prejudice -- it's a very different experience now than in 9th grade, and I'm enjoying it a lot. In our discussions I'm braced for a lot of comparisons to Middlemarch (probably unfavorable, because Lord knows if we've only got a handful of female authors on the Program we should pit them against each other whenever the opportunity affords itself) but it's a pretty different animal. I've never really done the Austen pop culture thing, and my special talent for totally forgetting the specifics of stuff I watched in high school is coming in handy here; I'm having to read a lot more attentively and I'm meeting some genuine surprises along the way. (For fun reading, I'm finally reading the Lord Peter Wimsey books -- I had a dream where I was writing fic for them, despite not having read past the first few pages of Gaudy Night in the past, so I decided to get cracking on what my subconscious obviously wanted me to get into. I started with Strong Poison, though, because Harriet Vane.) I'm also set to reread one of my back-to-school books, but I can't pick, and I'm trying to hunt down a Tumblr friends' rec of A Dead Man In Deptford. When did I start owning so many books? Why do I try to bring them on the plane with me? I just don't know.

Also, have got my hands on all the Globe Live recordings of Henry IV1&2/Henry V, and a better-quality copy of Faustus. Jamie Parker is a perfect, perfectly awful Hal, and this Falstaff is excessively babely. That is all.

When we're back at school we're probably going to wrangle to see Only Lovers Left Alive when it comes out in April ("we" being me and the bunker gang/anybody else interested in skinny vampires in questionable wigs) and the Vampire Chronicles news has me thinking about what I actually want out of a vampire canon right now. The only thing that's really been a total win for me on the vampire front lately was Gileonnen's marvelous "In The Blood Of Others", but that's Coriolanus fic where the canon is already dyed in blood imagery.

Also, food! I have a box of food-type things that'll be mailed my way once I've left for campus, and there's going to be so much oatmeal in my life.
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Still not dead! Still excited to be so! Still have absolutely no time to write fiction in, which is killing me, but hey, essays are almost the same thing, right? Certain human issues from past posts have been talked about to some of the right people, and seem to be resolving, but now he's just gotten it into his head that we're a pair of neatly matched intellectual rivals and that I'm trying to ~banter with him. Nope. Maybe Yuletide and NaNoWriMo will free things up a bit, but at this point going home for Thanksgiving will be a huge relief. We saw Poe's grave! I've eaten so much candy! And gotten many, many books! More books than I'll ever read with this workload, but it's the thought that counts.
(Right now I'm really craving some Diana Wynne Jones. Fffff. Anything to distract me from the shitshow that is Thor fandom, and not the fun kind of shitshow.)

So, Yuletide, however. I want to participate in the candy exchange this year, but have no idea where I'll be when these things are sent out, so I'll just hope for the best. Still picking out fandoms and refining my letter from last year, getting a better idea of what turns my fic-crank and what resolutely does not. Whee!
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School's out! I'm hard at work (which is devouring most of my time), listening to a lot of music and generally doing really well. I signed up for [community profile] hc_bingo, which will hopefully kick my writing butt in gear (prompts and challenges tend to get my juices flowing).

Right now I'm reading:
- a bio of Lucrezia Borgia, which for the life of me I cannot recall the author of at this time. Which is just as well, because I can't find it to finish it, bother. But I'm loving the historical Lucrezia, and it's inspiring me to write... well, not a sequel but kind of a prequel to Recommend Thyself To God that's just about Persinette. Golden hair and overprotective caretakers and all that.

- "A Bloodsmoor Romance" by Joyce Carroll Oates. To be totally honest I had no idea what to expect from this book when I picked it up for a quarter at the library. The historical style it's written in is... accurately replicated, that is, dense and wordy as all get out, but as it is I'm liking it a great deal.

-the Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky, translated by Kyril FitzLyon. It's also tough to get through, but in a different way -- it is dense, confused, and extremely moving, but it illustrates its author's mental state so rawly and vividly that it's extremely painful as well.


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