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I'm feeling marvelously unproductive except for Porn Battle pregaming, so here's a masterpost of all the prompts I've posted, which I am putting up over here to spare the poor souls using the Tumblr phone app. Heads-up that some of these head into dark territory, or have the possibility of consent issues built-in, and a pretty good handful are canon incest pairings (or incest pairings where canon incest is a feature). I am somewhat surprised by this, actually, wow.

Any character played by David Dawson/any character played by David Dawson, key, plaid, misstep, apprehended

As You Like It - Shakespeare, Celia/Rosalind, matched, disguise, page, stranger, delights, liberty, loyalty
Coriolanus - Shakespeare, Tullus Aufidius/Caius Martius, defeat, disorder, matched, acclaim
The Dark Knight Rises, Bane/Talia Al Ghul, collaring, champion, tend
Demon Knights, Exoristos/Madame Xanadu, type, victory, untied
Demon Knights, Horsewoman/Al Jabr, respite, responsibilities, accompanied, technique
Demon Knights, Jason Blood/Madame Xanadu/Etrigan, switch, compete, triplicate, scorch
Demon Knights, Sir Ystin/Al-Jabr, bite, steward, verse, adjust
Demon Knights, Sir Ystin/Cain, sweetness, subordinate, visions, tarnish
Demon Knights, Sir Ystin/Exoristos, regard, bold, desire, won, past, myth
Demon Knights, Sir Ystin/Horsewoman, champion, company home, quiet
Demon Knights, Vandal Savage/Jason Blood, servitude, repeat, chain
Demon Knights, Vandal Savage/Sir Ystin, valiant, drink, berserk, blasphemy
Doctor Faustus - Marlowe, Faustus/Mephistophiles, erring, mortality, pious, beards, covetousness, lechery, cruel, attire
The Duchess Of Malfi - Webster, Cardinal/Duchess/Ferdinand, illustrissimo, intact, inquietude, possession
The Duchess Of Malfi - Webster, Cardinal/Ferdinand, lycanthropy, thighs, overpower
The Duchess Of Malfi - Webster, Duchess/Antonio, solace, allegiance, accounts, disheveled, grace
The Duchess Of Malfi - Webster, Ferdinand/Duchess, corrupt, desolation, nightmares, symmetry, virtues
Henry IV Part 1 - Shakespeare, Hotspur/Kate Percy, lap, restless, heated, variations
Henry IV Part 2 - Shakespeare, Hal/Poins, match, scar, game, leather, preference, sore, absence
Inglourious Basterds, Shoshanna/Marcel, develop, uncover, paint, bravery, clinch
The Mystery Of Edwin Drood, Helena Landless/Rosa Bud, laced, hands, shared, taken, forget
The Mystery Of Edwin Drood, John Jasper/Edwin Drood, gilt, stifle, bright, dream, stranger, striven
The Revenger's Tragedy, Lussurioso/Vindice, dissemble, spar, harmless, compelled
The Revenger's Tragedy, Lussurioso/Vindice, spite, obedience, vows, twist
The Revenger's Tragedy, Vindice/Gloriana, relic, remembrance, gold, restoration
Richard II - Shakespeare, Richard II/Aumerle, parting, confidences, minion
Richard II - Shakespeare, Richard II/Bushy/Bagot/Green, diversions, hunt
Richard II - Shakespeare, Richard II/Henry IV, sacrilegious, stain, image, gold
Richard II - Shakespeare, Richard II/Mowbray, silence, conquered, lewd
Ripper Street, Fred Best/Homer Jackson, ink, scars, reputation, gin, assertions, shirtsleeves
Ripper Street, Susan/Raine, mend, allegiance, ripe, oath, marks, undress
Skyfall, Q/Silva, defense, overload, prize, throat, acquisition
Skyfall, Silva/M, testament, provocateur
Skyfall, Tanner/Q, weekend, dextrous, shattered, crisis, adrenaline, unzipped
A Song Of Ice And Fire, Ramsay Bolton/Roose Bolton, garnet, mimic, decay
A Song Of Ice And Fire, Ramsay Bolton/Theon Greyjoy, gloves, tongue, devices
Stoker, Charlie Stoker/Evelyn Stoker, uninvited, lack, wine, bruise
Stoker, India Stoker/Charlie Stoker, inheritance, sacrifices, letter, skill
Truth Or Die (2012), Gemma/Eleanor, laughter, wicked, sweets, restrict, flesh, display
Truth Or Die (2012), Justin/Felix, compulsion, solitary, mortification, dependance, reunion
Truth Or Die (2012), Justin/Luke, high, command, defection, low, bruise
The White Queen, Richard of Gloucester/Anne Neville, lavish, endure, bridegroom, marked

Crossover, Luther/Sherlock, Jim Moriarty/Alice Morgan, bitten, astrophysics, shake, ashes, design
Crossover, Luther/Sherlock, Jim Moriarty/Toby Kent, amateur, professional, interference, flinch

it teja

Date: 2014-01-28 04:54 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
i was like "ah yes i will write porn 4 ska" and now I'm like "none of these prompts is my jam"
except that first one
how does porn battle work??? i will write a fic

Re: it teja

Date: 2014-01-28 06:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
ahhhhhh hi teja i'm a doofus all of these are weird and i'm shame

Celia/Rosalind stuff would be cute though! Porn Battle is a fic thing started by [ profile] oxoniensis and the actual fic-writing starts on Feb 2 -- I don't know if you need an LJ to participate but you have an AO3 so I think you could, it's a ficfest for short porny fics (for a pretty generous degree of porny it sounds like, which is good for me because everything I write is weird navelgaze and not excellent sex) and there'll be a full list of everybody's one-word prompts on the 2nd, I think! I can link you a thing when you're online if you like.
Edited Date: 2014-01-28 06:12 pm (UTC)

(no subject)

Date: 2014-01-28 09:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I cannot porn, which is a shame since some of the Demon Knights ones are quite nice.


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